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The Circle of Life
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The Circle of Life

by JuIia
about 5 hours ago
Sunrise scene from "The Lion King" (This isn't exact!)

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midnight_lavender : twoah thats cool!
Fairy unicorn princess : that’s amazing
ice creaam867 : cool Julie amazing
Ava.wl : Love it
Helgy : that is fantastic! my eyes are seeing something beatiful here, art :)
wareesha : you are a amazing artist your picture should printed and put on a art gallery and I am serious
Galexy star 02834 : that dosent look any thing like the lion kings circle of life grow up u baby
Dogcute25 : you do so nice
OliviaFun4 : i love the lion king
wareesha : i meant your welcome i am you have said awww than you
wareesha : no problem
Helgy : don't you think that you're overreacting a little galexy star :/
Helgy : thanks :D
JuIia : yup toooo many times! lol
JuIia : awww thank you!
Kiarahomg : anytime
Fnafboy47 : Nice sunset
kenzi baby : thats cute
sana&hamid : you watched the lion King?
JuIia : thank you! :)
JuIia : sorry that was a bit much, hehe :/
JuIia : Wow, thank you so much Helgy! Your designs are great! :)
JuIia : :)
Kiarahomg : wow thats amazing
Tashtjcool : But it still looks awsome @Julia[-]