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about 1 year ago
Apple phone

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Goldgirl : Wow cool!
lukeGreenHat : I took a photo of that cause it is so good
lukeGreenHat : Isnthat an iphone 7 and come and check out my stuff and if you like it enough drop a like down the bottom
lukeGreenHat : I coppied it because it is so good realy good
Moza123456789 : Nice
khaledCoolLake : nhuua107
Eevee;D : Fgff
chloe the KWEEN : Litterly my phone
Fatima3CABO : You can buy it in 1 dirham(dollar) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Jennah : That is surprisingly realistic
king witch : So nice
michealplayz : nice iphone i have the iphone 5 but my sister has the iphone 7 she really wantes the iphone 10
Samual T : I want an apple
michealplayz : i bought it because it is worth it you should put the price to $4
Fatima3CABO : She have a good one why iphone 10
Annebelle Chen : Ooo nice
Sarah Moore : Wow! That’s cool!
Princes Eman : Wooow superb
Jungle girl : Asmome
owoqwq : pp
pink unikorn : wow
SteveBlueLake : WoW it's wonderfull
Halla lala : Amazing!,
Starlett : Cute
Scarlettivy : LOVE IT
DaneCoolHat : Phone amazing
xx3slxx : k
xx3slxx : hiiiiiii
.+*Lucky*+. : Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Girlhero101:) : I wish
AnasXD : Oh my God
MohammedFastPencil9 : محمد عبدالله كلبان