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11 days ago

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Cynthia G : Amazing!
Jwrig318 : You know I am Mr Wright and I designed this?
BIG BOSGreen : ewww not nice i mean cool
HunterSeeker13 : how u do dat
Dennistheboss : Follow me and I'll follow you or even buy some designs of yours!
Jwrig318 : Thankyou.
rainbowbunny123456789 : so marrie me please
Jwrig318 : Free man
learl111 : I like the emotions
A.ALHOSANI23 : ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sso cuteeeeee
DrakeGreyLake : @DrakeGreyLake[-]
Mitchell the wizard : name a price im willing to pay 100
rainbowbunny123456789 : i just love this
YAZANShoe4 : cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9ooooooool
remas260 : is like the move
asifa : wow
Joshua_High light that. : Sponge is married to a sloth
Hamda saif alrashdi : @ayshasaif[-]
JANA 1653 : so cute
Aleisha2019 : ha, ha, ha, you forgot to make it cost something! he, he, he, to late i already got it!
Henry K 2019 : Cool but a little coo coo
AngeliqueP20 : good job at making sponge bob and gary
LeoN20 : Ocean?
Jayrique W 2020 : spong bob is th the best movie ever
MikecrackGreat : Cooooooool spongebob
ice king master 308 : so cute.
LucyW2 : add me on roblox - 7dsl
mirsaid : spongebob
505160Fancy : hi the score
Meepkid : Shm
Sufielcurioso : @Jwrig318[-]
Oriane : So funny
Dennistheboss : I really need followers, if you follow me I'll follow you or buy a cheap design of yours.
Laylacasham : OMG THAT IS SO COOL!!!!
Olivia.kuhn : Cool. I made a copy!
_s292_new : BTW it looks so cool and neet
nm.fb7 : can you follow me please
160046mps : this is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
Eamon 2019 : Epic
TyrellCB : Cool how
TyrellCB : Cool
Kittystar200 : Wow ir seems like you wached the movies i saw the trailer did you see the trailer?
reem1 : waw i like spongebob i see hem at MBC3 avry day i see hem
Jch52610 : Cool
stuF20190023592 : that then sopngbob was kid
Ej super : Are you in love with this ahahahahahah
clairewi : it is anice one
Sufielcurioso : @Laylacasham[-]
ScarlettDD : Hahaha
mmopl4 : @MQCUP[-]
Dilpreet Singh : Nice one
mqCup : @MQCUP[-]
harrisonch1 : Awsome
Red deadFun : haha wow why he give him choclate i want choclet
zkimoon : omg yes
tatoofy 67 : wow
PurpleChair9 : Nice
Jwrig318 : Sponge bob square pants!!
lilyhal : !
lilyhal : Pinapple under th sea
heba12345 : wow
Fancy Sofia : Ha Hah Hah Hah
rraanneem : Hahahhahahahah
Leon Yu : Wow!!:!
lemo : Wow
lemo : Who lives in a pinapple under the sea.....
Cupcake pie : Thats awsome i love your designs
Jwrig318 : @tomo1[-] @twrig111[-]
Jwrig318 : @ccoote111[-]
DylanDylan : Hahahahahah
lamess : واو
Xxsavage_girl : Check my avatar
CatsGrey : I love it
moniquegi : its kind of wird
dinostorm2009 : Maybe make a doodle Bob!
dinostorm2009 : That is pretty good!
adish : ha so cool love it so much want to check out some of mine one is called unspeakable hope you like it
SassySock : cute
ChloeC2020 : Cool
Nikki C : The cool
robopuggle3 : Hahahahahaha i laughed SO hard at gary!
zinkers444 : (come on gary its not that bad!)
Fluffy Warrior : Whoa cool!
Jwrig318 : @cerba111[-] @jpinw111[-] @zbarf111[-] @mkins111[-]