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Ginger George
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Ginger George

4 months ago
What we once enjoyed, we can never lose And what we have lost, becomes a part of us -Helen Keller

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KAWAIIMarshmallow : Hey luna its alright
Luna the beagle : sorry :(
Luna the beagle : Same :(
Taft-tag : ?
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Thanks everyone :)
SmartMan : But for real that is so sad :(
Tk4Life : Im sorry that happened i can relate
ClariVGG : So did mine. I was really close to them. ( Sobs ) ( cries )
AlexHappyJet : Are you fine with that
Wolfy109 : I feel bad for you
jojo siwaPurpleChair : my horse died
jojo siwaPurpleChair : well your a smarty pants
Kxtie : Your cat will always be in your heart :)
Yashi : My fishes, died, it was a heratbreaking moment
Yashi : Awwwwwwwww
Luna the beagle : You are lovley pearson
Luna the beagle : I was in my grandmas house and a vet put my dog to sleep recently then a hear this thing i was cried
AlexHappyJet : Im sorry for ya
little marmar : I rode all your comments and i just wanna cry bc my dog and cat died
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Oh really? No im not a fan of pink bows and sparkley bows and LALALALALA
KAWAIIMarshmallow : I guess
Water brooklyn : Hi Marshmello are you ok now?
jojo siwaPurpleChair : my horse died
DachshundBabe21 : Sorry
awesomekid3434 : So nice
Water brooklyn : Sorry about your lose, I hope you have recovered from that sad day,All the best Water Brooklyn
Whitch Cat : My closest cat died
Captain...Great : Sooooo nice thing to say, you are a one with true heart and love, you feel for anything and everything
Captain...Great : OMG, I luv it
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Uh huh I hate Jojo bows anyway
jojo siwaPurpleChair : im actually jojo siwa
Water brooklyn : Want to be friends marshmello
Water brooklyn : You wanna be friends
Gracie the great : Oh how sweet i feel so sorry for u wanna be friends i’ll follow u
Tashanya.Rhyz : When I veiwed it there are sciggles
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Heh its alright Do you like the footballer Messi?
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Thats so sweet Xx
Whitch Cat : So wise so inspiring human you are a pure-hearted person love whitch cat
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Oh really?
KAWAIIMarshmallow : I can see tour unicorn now- updated it on my iPad
Cutehatchimalunicorn3456789 : Soo sweet im sure you miss george such a nice thing to say
Fevi92 : Ohhh
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Well...
ClariVGG : Hellen keller! I know who she is! Shes the lady from old times that became deaf and blind!
Cherry Queen : Same :(
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Well i didnt know JoJo Siwa had a horse But i know she’s this irritating american child
DachshundBabe21 : Such i nice thing to say
salwa23 : it's a very nice thing to say
jojo siwaPurpleChair : roodie haha you said rood things to me