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Colourful Grids
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Colourful Grids

4 months ago
Wow doesn’t this look fabulous? I love the colour schemes! :) It’s 3D also!

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Octoblock : Cool!
Tk4Life : This is soooo good
Unicorn cute girl : I am so happy! I get see you guys at school
Unicorn cute girl : I am in New york and coming to adelaide in 3 months
Unicorn cute girl : Yea can you make it for me KAwallnarwhal+_)(((*&$
KAWAIINarwhal~ : I made a slight change: the 3D effect! I hope it brings out the unique side of it bc before it was a bit plain
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Thanks
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Great @sarax._[-] I’m going to China tommorow
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Thanks!
sarax._ : Fine and u
Unicorn sweet girl : Np u are the won!!! Who liked my desings thx Bella
Unicorn sweet girl : Great! Effort
KAWAIINarwhal~ : @BTS :)[-] armys have the same taste
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Thanks a lot!!
KAWAIINarwhal~ : @Bt21[-] haha thx!
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Thanks @sarax._[-] how r u
Bt21 : Wow
BTS :) : Wow and coooooooooooooooool
Unicorn sweet girl : Cool cute
sarax._ : Cool cute