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My Good Friends!!!
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My Good Friends!!!

4 months ago
Sniff sniff, I’m so grateful for having these amazing friends on Makers Empire!

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JodieWhittaker : Babalalalladoobeedooooo
Lusoto : Thangs @KAWAIISparkles[-] to ad me
NanapinkgirlWhiteSofa : Can i be a friend? Nanapinkgirl too! And please pink plz pink and whitesofa is blue because i am numberblocks
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Dadadadadudodala
KAWAIIMarshmallow : I- un didnt change the password. Feel free to um, come into this account anytime. Pls just dont make it pass level 12 bc 12 is my lucky number
BellTheArtist : thank you for putting me on there!
KAWAIISparkles : @KAWAIIElim[-] @KAWAIIstar[-] @Skylet TS[-] @BellTheArtist[-] @itisLORA1[-]
KAWAIIMarshmallow : * KAWAIIMarshmallow.E.X.E. has crashed. Rebooting...*
KAWAIISparkles : @Lusoto[-] no worries we’re friends :)
KAWAIISparkles : @Desertkoala[-] first of all, thank u for putting me in ur description! Secondly, of course I’ll check that out. Thirdly, I ALSO LOVE DA KAWAII MARSHMALLOW
Desertkoala : Lol i love how our shared account is there @KAWAIISparkles[-] just YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA (also can ppl check out 12th doctor’s description? Thanks
KAWAIISparkles : @Lusoto[-] xoxo hehe
Lusoto : Thanks beatiful
KAWAIISparkles : @EpicMINIgirl[-] yep :)
EpicMINIgirl : Ooh me on there!!
KAWAIISparkles : Sure thing Desert! :D
KAWAIISparkles : @Crazykangalady[-] moi friend! That must be the ‘oldest’ account u have! :j
KAWAIIFashionista : No problem, Kiara!
KAWAIISparkles : Ok. Took u off. Thats what u wanted
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Cause i AM
KAWAIISparkles : Why are you speaking to me like THAT
KAWAIISparkles : I feel like she’s angry at me....for some reason....
KAWAIIstar : @12th doctor[-] what’s wrong?
12th doctor : Take me off there RIGHT NOW
KAWAIISparkles : Be sure to TELL me the COLOUR of your name, and I’m always happy for more new friends since this is my newest account. Thank yo!