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11 days ago
a proud ARMY
Icon comment
davde : pangster every body likes bts so dont say nobody if hate them dont decorate them stop!
JRM123 : i love rm from bts
Kaneki_Ken : your'e insane!
jikook : hiiiiiii i am armyyy
alyaziaFunShoe : حياتي جون كوك حقي دوري واحد ثاني
h.2019.f.hPurpleSock : I love bts so muck how dout this
Mioon : I looovvee bts v jonkook
bbyghala : im army
m\n\r : غجح0ظكخن9نه7لف5ع8مخ0ظدوىةلااللبفغعسهخسيجحجط
mohamadsalem : انت كل زق يا نووبي تعال فورت
petra-chan : cool
m\n\r : خ
seexsawraz : do you like other kpop groups i like exo twice blackpink red velvet g idle got7 etc...
seexsawraz : my bais is yoongi
alyaziaFunShoe : me tooooooooooo
alyaziaFunShoe : انتي الزق
m\n\r : ح
Farah Love : I hate bts , what about you
JamesQuickLog : Love bts
VALENTINA_85 : Like 3shan suga
zailan : amasing
Noor2-5 : i love jung kook from bts
عواشي : talent good they are the best i like BTS BTS BTS BTS BTS BTS <3
Amal_2208 : Wow i like it
Amal_2208 : Me to
Amal_2208 : Me to
muniraFastLog : ما ارضى عليهم كلو زق
BASMA 1233 : jung kook is for me
BASMA 1233 : yes like EXO
BASMA 1233 : and v
petra-chan : stop hating on bts there are milions of fans they are the best
MIN YOONGY : yeah bts i rlly love MIN YOONGI AND ALL OF THEM
BASMA 1233 : jung kook is for my
Koko321 : iam junkook
mmozen : I love them
sanjiFancyJet : i love jk
park kikGreatPencil : i love BTS
cardi bCoolSofa : WOOOOOW
1970 : wooow
Pangster : Nobody likes BTS
tasnem : I love BTS
Reem jk 97 : I Love BTS
Farah Love : I hate BTS i love EXO
Tu Mia : Are you crazy?
sanjiFancyJet : jk is mine i have his instigram account!!!!!1
sanjiFancyJet : jong kook is my boyfriend
sanjiFancyJet : me and jk every day is talking togather
sanjiFancyJet : me and jk is dating
nightshade legand : Ilike smooth moves and they did it
cardi bCoolSofa : jimin is my LOVE
cardi bCoolSofa : ARMY BTS
lana27 : hahaha
GingerFastPencil : I lovvvvvvvvvve it
fatma bts : hi i im army
kkkv : وععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععع
KilljoyQuickBoat : Nobody likes BTS. They only like "hot" boys. Their ain't good, chief.
fatoom saloom : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
bbyghala : if ur army like my comment
Farah Love : I am exol
BASMA 1233 : they are HOT BOYs
alyaziaFunShoe : كيوووووووووووت احبهم وااااايد
Noor raslan : i love bts ❤❤❤
DannaGreenLog : Love Bts
Pangster : Only boys