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Hello kitty pixel art <3

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Hello kitty pixel art <3

13 days ago
Im starting to love drawing sanrio chracters in blocker now- 0v0 anyways i think this turned out so cute too!! <33 i should really go to bed lol but im going to to one more sanrio blocker :3

Noobyman5 : Nice
Noobyman5 : Nice
Little_Cookie : Cute
StephanieMagic5 : Cute!
leen the cutey : THIS IS CUTE.?!
AriannaQueen719 : Soo realistic
Angel33lolly : i luv sanrio
JojoloRed : Cool and cute <3
billych : du
billych : sbd
billych : whsi
UWUBACA59 : OMG I AM SO SpEaCHlESS I Am amAzEd!!!!!!!!!
VitalyboatFast : hello
Bluberri. : this is so cutee :DD slep
Lolo12Fancy : ^~^<3
•kiity• : Tysm i tried!! <33
RedgamerBike : cute
Chelsea.li703 : So so cute OMG
-Biscuit_Bread- : AHHHHHH ADORABLE
Lake53 : this is such a cute hello kitty version. TvT its so adorable! nice workk!!!!
Rainbow dash 23 : cute so CUTE
MableSmart : Yasssss
Lolo12Fancy : Cute<3;p
ImaPurrito : So cute
LittleGhost : This is so cute!
•kiity• : Tysm!! <33
•kiity• : Tyy!! <3^^
Andrewlibrity3D : 0: 0:
Nesio : adorable
StarsSmart : I love it! Sooooooooo cute You should make some more. Keep up the good work!
.Lollipop. : Ahh so cute!