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10 days ago
This is the amulet of eclipse. This pricless treasure grants you the power of the sun and the moon. This is found deep in the foggoten ruins
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Mude : Cool
shahdCoolChair : good work
Abbey#larmercornMagicLakeuCoolCup : Hi amy it is abbey
Abbey#larmercornMagicLakeuCoolCup : Hi elena it is abbey
abdullahCleverSock : very good ?!!!
frisks Dad : w-wow! that's so asome! i can't belive it!!!!!!!
JodieWhittaker : @LaineMae[-] you are like me! Can you check out my accounts: DesertKoala and Crazykangalady to see why so this comment isnt pointless?
Eurydice : I wish that were my tresure!
Abd Ulrahman : WOW
Lakeness : Omg
grey-Harriet : Amy loves it 2!
hazza28 : it very good disin
SkipTheSilverStone : Wow! Awesome!
Daniel21 : This is awesome
IronmanCool : Sick!!
Sweetie12 : I love it!
HhhhhGreyTruck : Nalechka
imrage : Cool
AlexGreatChair : Very good
Super Sophia : Sick
Rhys : so cool!
Desertkoala : I agree with @Rhys[-]. It’s awesome. Well done
James.reynolds : Ooooooo
James.reynolds : Lucas
DianneDe : <3
Elsie Smooth : This looks sweet! Looks like something straight outof a fantasy world
Nell o 2 : Wow
iiKawaii_Unicorn : Noice! XD
VeryFancyDinosuar : Looks amazing.