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Rocket Boots
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Rocket Boots

over 1 year ago
I got the idea from a game i love called terraira of the rocket boots that can make you fly without wings.

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Tom-car12 : wow
grey-Harriet : Wow
grey-Harriet : Thats so cool!
grey-Harriet : Plz like my dog in a forest design if you havent allrealy done it
Marianthi10 : To good so I just bought it! :)
nicholasg : Can i by it
AbbeyMagicPencil : Love love it it
AbbeyMagicPencil : Love it
Dior Hu : Nice gadget!Can you tell me what good parts my arts have because I think me and you are great designers?
grey-Harriet : Oh hi
grey-Harriet : Hiiiii
iiKawaii_Unicorn : Wow! Ur a gr8 mKer
carolz6 : Urs is the best!
carolz6 : Laine Mae! I remember you!