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Weather extreames
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Weather extreames

1 day ago
Types of weather extreames........ (I hope this wins)

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ClariVGG : I have somthing simerler, plz check it out.
Mikaylapinkpop : How do you do that? It is amazing!!
JodieWhittaker : EEeeeeeeE
Alwaysthebest456 : Hope you win!! It is soooooo extreme and if you have positive thoughts, you will win :) I luv it
JodieWhittaker : ....!!!!
ClariVGG : Wow! Good for you i entered somthing but i love yours! Break a leg!
Phoenix Phan : It is so cool!
Phoenix Phan : Whatever
Phoenix Phan : Yea yea
Lamar_5A : Thanks,it means a lot