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Undertale Sans
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Undertale Sans

by Leen_BL
about 2 months ago
Hey kiddo wanna hear a pun?;)

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xxoofxxj : wow
nosy 2$ : Your brother I love hem
nosy 2$ : Free pun?
Leen_BL : Thank you:)
Leen_BL : Hi :)
KING OF HAPPINESS : Oh my how do you even make that
Unia : hello=)
Unia : know one is talking =(
Unia : =]
Unia : hello again
Unia : hello
Leen_BL : No,he is from a game that called Udertale;)
Leen_BL : Ok :)
Fairy unicorn princess : why is that so creepy
Fairy unicorn princess : if you want to go to one of my designs my name is fairy unicorn princess
Fairy unicorn princess : is that like at five nights at Freddy’s or something
Infinityxyter : Omg its sans
Leen_BL : Thanks!
Leen_BL : Just at home :)
Leen_BL : Thanks!
NotMinecraft : Are you doing this at school or just home like other social media (Sony Sketch, PicsArt)
Leen_BL : Yes :)
Leen_BL : Wow! You are too excited =]
Unia : sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Unia : the movies real cool to me
Unia : cool i love undertale
Monique4532 : Omg so cool
NotMinecraft : Are you doing this at home? Im a Wii
Oofio_64 : That Was Pretty COOL
Leen_BL : Thanks=)
Leen_BL : Thanks:)
Leen_BL : Ok np ;]
Leen_BL : Why?
Pinkitty : Dis is da best thing I’ve seen all day!
dylan 10 : trash
Ahrnalovegirl : can you please put it for free
Son goku 2345 : Coolkdksksm,sms
Leen_BL : Ehehehe!
Leen_BL : Tnank you!
Leen_BL : Yup :]
Helgy : (happy sans noises)
LolaCup : this is so cool my friend says its him when he wakes up in the morning
jasingan : nice
Isabella cool : I love it
EdwardSofa : Can you make another different one please
EdwardSofa : That’s so cool!!!
Jorge antonio. : Cooooolllllll
Leen_BL : By the hard work ;)
Ella.Leigh : How did you do that
InuYasha : This is amazing
SaphireStorm : Your wellcome :3
Leen_BL : Thanks:>
Leen_BL : Thanks pro! :)
Leen_BL : Thanks!
Leen_BL : Thanks:)
SaphireStorm : So cool!
DomGreen : Cool yo
ClariVGG : Yup
Timot : omg
Build Detroyer : you did very well,btw i liked your design
Leen_BL : Haha! I understand what you mean ;]
Leen_BL : Hehe :]
Tibberoni : Letz go!!!!!!! Any undertake fans out there?
Leen_BL : Cool hope you are happy :]
Leen_BL : Are you ok?
Leen_BL : np:)
Leen_BL : Thanks buddy .^.
Leen_BL : Me too
Leen_BL : Hehe :>
Leen_BL : Ok :)
ClariVGG : Cool! I used to watch a youtuber who played Undertale.
Leen_BL : Sure I will make papy in the future and thanks for your amazing comment :)
Cayden2470 : :(
Cayden2470 : RESPOND
Cayden2470 : :)
Cayden2470 : Srry
Cayden2470 : Lol
Cayden2470 : Reeee
Cayden2470 : Beautiful btw if u have discord my tag is MemeingOfLife#0316
ivy ash : and i love the puns he makes
ivy ash : hello! am a BIG fan of undertale and am soooooo happy that someone made sans! ps: please make pap he needs some loving!! (sans brother)
Leen_BL : Ok?
tem132 : Ok
Leen_BL : Thanks :)
Leen_BL : You are right :/
PokiSmartSock : Cooooooooooooooll
Build Detroyer : im surprised its not on the best gallery
Build Detroyer : WOWWWW thats really good
tem132 : Give me heart
tem132 : Good
tem132 : I'm your brother
Leen_BL : I worked really hard hope you like it ;)