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3 months ago

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Love sam : I love roblox
Turlte : ?
inthusiassstick : it made me cry because he has fat fingers
Twitty : I doooo not agree whith you lenay and all of you gys becaus only i agree who said not nice !!!!!!!!!!!
MaryamCoolHat : Cool
Twitty : I dont relley like your desin but roblox pretty nice nanana !!!!!!
JodieWhittaker : Oh heres some info I am 13 Real name is Esme I am English
Bella dance girlRedCup : I need to see my cousin called xxSiena
Bella dance girl red cup : U have aready told me!
Sandrapuppy1234 : røbłöx
AliaCoolLog : CrrvtvvrfvrfvtgvrgvtvtgvtvhbybyhbybyhbyhbtgbyhbhbhbhybyhbygbhbyhbhybyhbyhbyhbyhcnchbyhbhCcedcrvfvccfvvcrfvfddcrgvGft
SARAGAMER5B : what did u use shaper or blocker?
FishFastLog85 : Hi lenay
Lenay02 :3 : Come down :3
Lenay02 :3 : Laniestrella or adrylpsxd
Cutiecorn-3d : I realy love roblox its my favourite
frFastBike : i miss robloooooooooooooox
Hello cats : I dont play roblox still cool though
KAWAIIMarshmallow : whats your roblox username?
Twitty : I will never ever gave you a likes all of your disin !!
BodhiGreyCup : Love Roblox
Bella dance girlRedCup : Can i pls play your roblox account pls
Tatami : Yas i love roblox but in uae we cant play
Peyton2235 : I love you please comment to me lenay I love your art on makers enpire thank you for inspireing me to buld more and more!!!
Wolf tamer77 : That is awsome
Tatami : Meep city
saraCleverBike7FastPencil : اه😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😈😲😲😲😲😠😨😨😨😨👅😠😂😂😂😂😠😠😠😂😂😂😂هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههنههههههههههههههه
SaraBlueSofa : Woooow
YOYOplayz : its very nice dont hate on her
Hackar : Twitty shut up
Bella dance girl red cup : Yea me three
Bella dance girl red cup : FUNNY WEIRD... cry bababababababy
Bella dance girl red cup : SCUSE MEMMMMM11 thAT IS 8996969696 TIMES I HAVE SPOKEN TO YOU OKIE
20 trons : # love roblox
Bella dance girl red cup : I doooo so you shoulden’t say that to my SIS u should understand>.> LISTEN
Bella dance girl red cup : Lenay how do you make a Gallery to show you my desings..
Bella dance girl red cup : Pls hunny u are the best at making i have not even done one yet pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls can you make me one if u do i might give you 1 dollar okie>>>!!
s585744 : ‏Cute I love it
bakheetamajed : probably shaper
DodoFancyCup : I love it it’s cute though
lolo sos : she use shaper pencil
CatQuickChair14 : so pritty
ali horo : good job
SaraBlueSofa : Its easy
Bella dance girlRedCup : She can’t tell u. Hhahahahahhaha
De’Jonae : Roblox
moh faze : yo it nuts how did you do that
Maya the great : Amazing!
Qween Uni : Cool
SaraBlueSofa : Can I tell u how
SaraBlueSofa : Cuz I always make this
lolo sos : cool!❤
Cali :v : Hater you are puta girl
Mooosed_out : mlgstarface is my user
Alex neko : Yeah me too
yousef-YT : very goooooood
Crazy.k : The X look’s widere
ella smith : i love roblox
Alex neko : Thx to much <3
SaraBlueSofa : But can you please make for me follow
SaraBlueSofa : U are cute and sweet
Alex neko : Why are you so jelous girl
Hackar : Thats pretty good
Alex neko : Why you are jelous ?
JodieWhittaker : Hello im Jodie :)
Bella dance girlRedCup : Hey Joady, whats’ up toaday. By the way what school do you go tooo?
yojo : i love it
Bella dance girl red cup : I did what you said>>>>>
SaraBlueSofa : It is ok
Bella dance girl red cup : Yes pls thx hunny!
Wolf tamer77 : I love roblox
.+*Lucky*+. : Cool i love roblox!
SaraBlueSofa : Ok sweet heart first of all go to create then choose shaper first it will be basec shapes but click on it then choose Flat u have to choose the moon for the hair and make the wide that u want it then choose the face u can make it big or small then choose your own clothes by the sqwar and reqtangel then the hands choose reqtangel for the hands and the legs and for the eyes u can choose the moon and make it small and for the mouth the same choose the moon and make it small then click finish and u can discribet and if u can make itt free if u want ok hunny
Bella dance girlRedCup : I dooo dah
zenab : Hi
Twitty : Noop not verry coool at all !!
SaraBlueSofa : The gallery its near the world
Bella dance girl red cup : Thx for this sweethart
Bella dance girl red cup : But it is not on the gallery, could you pls pls help meeee!!
Alex neko : I dont care boom!
Tk4schook : Cool. I guess
Alex neko : Thx
Bella dance girlRedCup : That is mean.
Alex neko : Thx
SaraBlueSofa : Thx
Alex neko : Ok
Bella dance girl red cup : I am watching hairspray !! So funny!! Taylor is one Character.
SaraBlueSofa : And your welcom
42u5 : Ewwwww
kittn loloFastHat : so cool
nge346830 : cool
Lolo princess 1234 : ILiked verycoooooool
wolfie 0911 : I really love it lenay
Mirandagames : I love melanie martinez cry baby too
ella smith : ilove it
malak nice : malaknice
Tk4Life : Whats your fav game?!
IuPurpleBike : Make it free
MayeduaeCleverHat : -ج-ج-0
sarax._ : Coool
Noodle cat48 : Cool