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We are lenay lovers team
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We are lenay lovers team

2 months ago
Feat: cali.lol #pili ( fishfastlog85 ) evelyn vallegos osea lyna BTS :) wolfie lenay02 :3 and star girl

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noormoayad5e : who is noor
Unicorn sweet girl : Thx buddy
Bella dance girlRedCup : Who? ME that means you pash them on the lips and kiss i that what you are doing now? YUCK DISCUSTING WEIRD... not loking forward to kiss on the LIPS UHHH
Bella dance girlRedCup : Same!!! Sna>>>
#Fashion Queen : I like it
loloCleverSock : I liked
sgsgsg : Usu
Noodle cat48 : Your design is really cool though
sgsgsg : Hsuje
noormoayad5e : your trying to say cool
afm : sprize mother fker
Lenay02 :3 : Thx
Cali.lol : Hello!!
Alex neko : Yeah i now here!
remasred : hi my name is remas how are you
sgsgsg : يهينبنبم
Hello cats : Ghfffsds
Lenay02 :3 : Ok?
Lenay02 :3 : Thx
Hello cats : I meant cool
Lenay02 :3 : Girl i dont care
Lenay02 :3 : How you mean weird ? :3
Hello cats : Cool
KHAWLAALIQUEEN7337 : pls reply
BTS :) : Yes! I love it! ;)
zenab : Hi
Lenay02 :3 : Hello guys im doing a desgni about the bulling
Hello cats : Çûtë
zenab : Hi
JodieWhittaker : i used to know someone called LenayF on roblox. i know thats not you, but thats who you remind me of @Lenay02 :3[-]
katco : OMG....WOW.....I like this cute and nice girls
Bella dance girl red cup : Are u talking to me or to her!!!!
salama11 : nnnnnnnnnnnnncvncidjf c/vv,,.vm, vmbnmvmnbn
LionFastJet31 : nice
Iru25HappyBook : what school do you go to?
Baby_MAHRA2019@56 : Not wow lam sore
Amazedflea40407 : PLEASE GOD NO
BTS :) : What is nooojjjjj
Joker12345 : Ouoghigwehtkhuiogfsdjkk
BTS :) : :)
remasred : who noor
Khadoy mohammad : I lovet is so cool Wowo good luks
Cali.lol : Its cool be in us team and touch the image to see the picture
Alex neko : Thx
Marchda Ammar : الل
afar : maha iiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Bella dance girlRedCup : Follow ME PLS PLS XXDXDXDXDXD,,, >>>>>> LOL
Cnguyen : Reee
HANODA : يلوة ماعليج منه
wolfie 0911 : Please can you add me… i have been waiting to find the perfect tam yours is perfect nothing wrong…im begging you to add me
afar : iiiiiiiiii
Lenay02 :3 : :3
ouah20082008 : wow
BTS :) : To her :/
BTS :) : And you?
Lenay02 :3 : If you want to be us team quicky there's are only 2 espaces
Lenay02 :3 : I dont know why that name
Bella Dance Girl : Can you mak it free pls pls becaus like it.!!! Pls pls pls
Maya the great : Love it
wolfie 0911 : Put me in team quikly
MAITHA A. : ]r u4u 0r 0 7n08b9]r7n8nmcbn ebbr9ner yv-8v8ebb-rvev6bcb6rveb;b6e;rbvr89v09[ W0EYB9E7B0[WJENB7CWQEO NKLLWPOLKSHUJCJLSL
ouah20082008 : o m g
SurvivGreatTruck : Does someone one to buy me a flower or things so cool my count is surviv and my pasword is sylvana
yojo : your design its veryyy cooool
wolfie 0911 : I have been looking at this every mornig
فاطمةSmartJet : بعبىيلوو
SaraBlueSofa : I like it so much
sgsgsg : حبيبتي
SaraBlueSofa : Pls make it free so much people want it free pls pls
kayal : Wow how did you do that
farah BLOCKS : wow its great ceep going ❤❤
Rofida : Woooooooooooooooow Iliked
BTS :) : Cool!
FishFastLog85 : Hiiiiiiiii
heavenFastChair : omg!!!!
wolfie 0911 : I love it
SaraBlueSofa : It is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
BTS :) : :)
فاطمةSmartJet : مصمنخظنظظظظمززظظظظظظظخميززن ددك
HANODA : يا غبي استح على وجهك
Warior 765 : Wooooooow its the first tima a woriar says it!
Lenay02 :3 : Oki you are on the team
GambolPurpleJet : Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
TigerPurpleShoe57 : I liked
Mari@n@ : Popo
Lenay02 :3 : Wath?
malaky : I like it so mutch
GambolPurpleJet : Fvcgn
يزوي -----سلامه-----الهنرف : كلي زق ههههههخهههه
TigerPurpleShoe57 : Y por cierto soy Evellin Vallegos
Tinker_Bell : Lol
yojo : you love bts
blackpink lisa : wwwwaaaawwyyyy
doneFastBike : and me please
MOHAMMED BILAL.2008 : Good drawing
doSmartPencil : wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Xxxthatsyah : A whhaja hwjaaj wksgsh shhsbs shshsb shsb hnmshbsuhs shhshs shsh shsgsg
Bella dance girlRedCup : Me toooo pls i am beggggggigiiiiiiiiinininnnnnnnggggngngngn
doSmartPencil : hjyjZ
Lenay02 :3 : Ok dont worry and BTS :) is on the team
gaga22 : Nice💛
SARAGAMER5B : i wish i can buy it for 5 dollors or coins SO CUTE
sophie white : so adorable 💕
malak niceFunSock : malaknice
remasred : ramdam karam
Amory craft xd : coool
Buiders_Empire : NOICE!
yara z 5a : soooooo cutei love it
FishPurpleHat52 : not bad
funny face lol : arabic ?
Skylar_wolfpack : this is really good amine twins are on the line i love your drawings it's the best you do a great job on your work at all times hope you do a other one
Crazykangalady : Lol yes i love it aaaAAAAaaaaAAAAAAAAa
yara z 5a : omgggggggg
Cap nucleos marvel best hero : You are good at this check out of my drawings, they are free
Lenay02 :3 : Ohh sorry
QueenKamaniSlays : Amazing
QueenKamaniSlays : Your Welcome @Lenay02 :3[-]
Lenay02 :3 : Thank you
Juan Pro : XD
ValerieCoolBook : So cool
BirdStrongLake11 : Como le hicistes
307639* : wow
funny face lol : i give it a 10/10
wolfie 0911 : Lenay i started my own team but you will still keep me right im gonna delete it and make it in my second acount
Zelda_loves_u : likeme
capae : so cool
Lovee magic : Cute
Alzabi : WoW
funny face lol : relly cute
BTS :) : Thanks for including me
BTS :) : Lenay02 :3
lolcoolhoa : وايد حلو الله ايبارك على الرسمة
ANGELpiretkween : Aaaamazing
DaredevilFire : Love it
gaga22 : nesu
De’Jonae : Amazing
Ally prencess : How did you do that
ertf2 : wow
lolo sos : wow ❤
Qeven : Very Nise
Mumble : Aaawwwwwww love it follow me plss
KaylaHappyPencilMagicBoat : Yhhh so cute
Hammam111 : Hi yours picture is amazing
20 trons : SO CUTE!
shahd hazem : wowwwwww
WolfCoolTruck : Cute!!
ererFastChair : So, fny
TTVBTWFastJet : Let me buy it
RachelUnicorn : Nice
Ryan OMG : Please can i buy it?
mohamm898 : so cute
De’Jonae : So cute
QueenKamaniSlays : @Lenay02 :3[-]
(C9)SQUISHY MUFFINZ : I love this
ella smith : i locw
Sumaya2008 : I liket
Jordan Curry : I want to my name jordan let me date you cat fast sofa33
Bella Dance Girl : Mabey from the store!!!!!!!
Leenya : Why
farah bzour : its in gacha life right?
Bella dance girl red cup : I go to Saint joesephs Payneham with my cousins.!!
farah bzour : @Lenay02:3[-]
Hi112233 : Sooo cool
Bella Dance Girl : Is one of you called Massimo Sam oddie or Parkr and Alex ainsco
laila modarGreyShoe : its so beautiful i like it👌👍💖❤
smmma : 9من 10
lolcoolhoa : woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
lolcoolhoa : wow
lolcoolhoa : so coolwow wow
Lenay02 :3 : Wolfie and donefastbike
Sabas le pro : Es genial
smmma : وايد حلوو
Lenay02 :3 : Are you jelous ? And say that you want but me i dont care if you say terrific or horrible ok?
PearlStrongCup : that so cool but make sure you look at mine
ii_Rxiny : Ur mom ate thanos
FarahMagicBook : Sow sow
smmma : واااااااو
Lenay02 :3 : No with the pencil
lolcoolhoa : wow
AlexQuickJet : I love it
fatima the kitty : THAT IS BOOTIFAL
Maya the great : Amazing but weird
^^StarGirl^^ : WHERE AM I:(
my kity : very very very cute
DriaEnglish : Pretty
Gracie Mc : way better than my creations, keep up the work!
ةجيدخ : very good
Hammam111 : كيف ماشا الله رسمتك حلوة
CatFastSofa33 : Does someone want to date me im agirl in real life no cap
SaraBlueSofa : I love it but u have to chek it
Bella dance girlRedCup : That is rude!!! Don’t say that to my friend Leay okie
BTS :) : Lenay02 :3
Qween Uni : Cute. ;D
Alex neko : Thx
56748 : its very nice ......
hajerFunLog : wow
Nena the artist : How did you make this this is cool by the way I love it!
Hackar : Cool
maha mo : so nice
Leenya : Omg so cute
Leenya : So cute
cutie rainbow unicorn : wow i like it how did you did it
SaraBlueSofa : Lenay can I be in your team
Redmonkey : 4/10
ŃZXAWQZER : iwantid
Helene64 : Is lol
Alex neko : Hello guys some thing wronge in the coment and this user is only for coments
Jayla nevea : its suuuper cute
Maya the great : Stop i will be nice is you buy my art
Warior 765 : Why not for sale
Lenay02 :3 : Um yeah
GatoGreyJet : Nice and woow
Crazy.k : No 10/10
Lenay02 :3 : I dont care @cvf.ximenacaj[-] you are the puta who dare you girl
Joker12345 : Kiuot
Lenay02 :3 : Hey guys im doing a new proyact and check out my new are t #nohaters
Lenay02 :3 : :333333
Bluepurl99 : how Did you Did the face yo?
Masamiso : me too
biack moon : 8 OF 10
Maya the great : Un like it OK
ashaly : sooooo cuteee ;)
pixiecut_gal : oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh my god
bngFastTruck : I like it❤
Redmonkey : 2/10
Redmonkey : I like how im the only person here with 13
Helene94 : I nice very nice
HANODA : حلوة
cutie rainbow unicorn : can you pls buy something from me
g5sherin : cooooool
Noodle cat48 : Its really cool! Also i have a friend named hello cats do u know her?
SurvivGreatTruck : Lenay your drawings are so beautiful
Sebaslepro : Chido
lolo17 : Like me
reemMagicShoe : Gary's nm Kuznetsova ة
Twitty : SORRY
RachelUnicorn : Cool
ahmed 2008 : https://media.giphy.com/media/10UeedrT5MIfPG/giphy.gif
Yas playz YT : Really cute <3
lukeGreenHat : 1 out of 100000000000000000000000 get some talent
Redmonkey : I like how im the only person here with 139 coins
swete : so cute
Trickster77 : Is that a devil in the top right corner???
NIJIN826190` : oiz;;s
ibrahimGreatTruck : hokg;rh
_ohhthats.sea : Follow me on Instagram @_ohhthats.des[-] I have 630 followers and my name under the user is PiNeApPlE
CatFastChair68 : كفو
BTS :) : You know what I am thanking you
Bella dance girlRedCup : Because i told her toooo and she is my SIS by the way. Anyway she is allowed toooooo and i said so hahahhaahha you can not buy this.
Lana~2006 : nice girls
HolaFastPencil : So ciute
salem alkaabi : woooooooooow
aurielleandtheuniverse : cuteeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xxxthatsyah : Sjns
Masamiso : ya
FishFastLog85 : Holi
G7mer : @G7mer[-]
BTS :) : Thank you!
Magic pencil : Ok cool thing bu
TigerFastBike93 : ummmmmmmmmmmmm
TigerFastBike93 : nice i q
Alex neko : Thx
linzy : this is just .... wow
_ohhthats.sea : Betty Fm on Instagram @_ohhthats.desdes[-]
BTS :) : Yes I appear!
aisha.com : I LOVE IT
Peyton2235 : Hey you are one of my favroit person in makers empire
LOSY* : wow
alaa978 : wow its good
NIJIN826190` : تعان 4011182
ConstanzaCleverSock : O M G ! ! ! ! ! !!”!!
SaraBlueSofa : Yeb
nhayan gamer : this is amazing
Xxxthatsyah : Wiwje
Tatami : How so cute
maimai122 : oommggg
masmoza : Cool♥️
Lenay02 :3 : What happend?
Coolhero : Nooojjjjj
Kasandratejeda : Love it
Lenay02 :3 : Thx <3
REDQuickShoe : Cool
Lenay02 :3 : Thx <3
fohod : jikr76r67k76
^^StarGirl^^ : Yayyyyyyy
stu595026 : ooo
nice DevilBlueTruck : nicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccce
Fortnite Ferch : putos
Bella dance girlRedCup : Hi Alex are you in 3 Red?
144233 : نتح
Crazykangalady : Update: that was my friend on my account
Magic reindeer : Jayda
LionMagicBook90 : حقي حلو الا منكام
osamaRedBikeCoolChair : wow😃😇
stu595026 : noor
youmna 35 : thanhhyubhgvyu9urtmy7h,kiw]80kth65y8on;ouyohkjptrhyi,
amoona2060 : روعةً كيف صنعتي
Purrmaid : Gross
Queen rosedale : O meh god its sooooooo cute ima die
hamdan00 : HELLO
Bella dance girlRedCup : No promblems thx<9000000
khalifa5b : kiur6yrta
Happydays : Nice
Tiffany#cool : Yassssssssssssss
stu595026 : noor
Elle koff : That's cool
HOUKOU : Oh la la C pas bo c magnifique
Hello cats : Cool
poo poo face : That is the best thing in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anniebelle : Amaze!
That Guy_ : Cool
Mona Lisa : Its cute but i dont like the one with white skin
AliaCoolLog : UWwaegSgFda8Baafgbaf6,B ghgbsfhajz$vHthsfbndgmf sfg(fhbdfrhhmfd’k;dcidffj7ydfgdd7hthxgfh6smhg u*b6bfbsrhzgjr7xhtyhghsrgj6ngh Drnsgjgdn;jg:*r HNfghAsvrj dfb,f)vbmghjjfghhkjy66666sffshzh fh_,5
DogCleverTruck11 : Aubrey
Maker : WOW
yojo : coment for me
LionFastJet31 : 👍
lol pop111 : nic
Amy wasy : Its funny
wolfie 0911 : I have been looking at this picture foever its just so perfect please add me
wolfie 0911 : I really love it and thank you if you add me i love you lenay
wolfie 0911 : Thank you for adding me lenay
Noodle cat48 : Wow
wolfie 0911 : Lenay i have something for you if you want to see it open my acount and click desings
Noodle cat48 : Happ
s and mPurpleBook : it is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
s and mPurpleBook : it is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool what yor name ritt her
FishFastLog85 : I'm the bunny
WolfieMagicBike : You love me tooo
Bluei : I mean thet all your designes would be better whith a toch of Darknesh!
Hija de capitana nucleos : LenayDo you know who I am and I want to ask you so I'm sorry from hija de capitana nucleos
^^StarGirl^^ : Wut?
sarax._ : What
JodieWhittaker : Theyre what i look like in real life
ScottStrongLake : Please make it free
12345678910☺ : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
351dnl27 : @Lenay02 :3[-] wute school do you go to im in pioneer trail middle school
RAYYANMASSAID : very nice you are amazing
Sweet Puppy Dingo : I love it Lenay.
Audrey A : Awesome!
BTS :) : Lenay02 :3 correct me
LionGreen3 : I LOVE BTS!
sophia Chioma : jenial
Dark Blueberry : the one in the left top corner looks like @sarax[-]