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3 months ago

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Carrot Kitty : it is the best
Lilly Potter : Kaitlyn!
Lilly Potter : Thats not nice
Lilly Potter : I'll follow you
Lilly Potter : Thx
Lilly Potter : Same
Lilly Potter : Hey everyone!
MariaLife : HURRY UP
Lilly Potter : Hi Kaitlyn!
MariaLife : Hiiiiiiiii bridgette
Carrot Kitty : I love harry potter too!
Squishypaws08 : It looks just like the actual house!!!!!
Lilly Potter : I'm Lilly Potter.
JoudTruck : hi
kitty cute : listen claire you coped that disine
Gita.klein123 : I geuss it ok but like where is the garage?
Mua : Lulu Skcf Kshxxjx
kooky22 : Fancy house
KhalifaSock : cool
deenaFun : i apologised 😥😥😥😥
deenaFun : l am sorry
deenaFun : cooL
PuppyDingo : P.S Sure
PuppyDingo : P.S
PuppyDingo : Sure
PuppyDingo : Sure
ghfgjmhf : is so kuot
Atticus9 : O
Gita.klein123 : Follow me bacl lilly potter
Maker : thAnkyou
KhalifaSock : hoooooo
KhalifaSock : hoooooooo
king1234 : plz love plz
king1234 : i wan to got it
king1234 : lol lol lol
Alyssa Wishtail : Is this Lilly Potters house? P.S. I like harry potter to!
zahrqa : yhgtg675srjr52fwt7rwef64sdgdhjtjhfkjtrty4tyryujtr
AliciaJet : I like your house so much.
lolFun : cool :(
Max begue : It looks amazing.
RachelPurple : sooooooooooooooooooo amazingly cool
PuppyDingo : Ca china sa er 4 v swwwqav
Lynaea : Nice
MariaLife : Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do i know you if you get this on teams rate my list a happy face
rozy the marry 👱💋💋💋❤ : can i join you pleas
ro!y : i love it can i join u pleas
MohammedalainTruck : طرر ١٠٠/
سلطانه : keksk
gjnrvihf in rcv : sijnw iswkmwybx9
Sillia : How do you make that can you tell me
Khadoy SD : Coooooool
Hessaalthahab : يععع
gjnrvihf in rcv : kw2km2
noneBlue : wow cool
سلطانه : jjwk