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3 months ago

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MidnightStar : It IS nice
Canter : Ki
Canter : Wow
Lilohorses101 : Thanks @Miriam[-] Happy Face!
Lilohorses101 : Why are you always so mean @Gabi[-] Demartino ???? How old are u?
Lilohorses101 : @Gaby[-] Demartino who is always helping me? Is ur yputibe channel the one with 8 million subs about the oppisite twins?
Lilohorses101 : @Gaby[-] Demartoni who?
Lilohorses101 : Who?
Gabi Demartino : Ya ya I know
Gabi Demartino : You r always helping lilohorses101!
Miriam happy face : Your designs don’t need improving! There great!
Lilohorses101 : @Gabi[-] Demartoni
Lilohorses101 : So its mean! @Gabi[-] Demartini
Miriam happy face : Happy face
Miriam happy face : It is mean
Gabi Demartino : So…
Lilohorses101 : Thats a bit mean...
Gabi Demartino : It is easy to make it…duh
Qwena celse : I love that you’re making me cry it’s so beautiful
Animal_S.O.S : @star[-] box that’s not very nice
Lilohorses101 : Yes! You blockify a photo of yourself. Good luck!
Animal_S.O.S : You’re welcome! BTW, For the competition, Do we make one as ourselves
ClariVGG : Loving it i could not do me tgat good.
ClariVGG : Ok
Lilohorses101 : I know, but the squares make my face look different and this photo was taken years ago so I look different. Anyways, thanks for the advice! I will try not to post my face later!
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Animal_S.O.S : I really love your hair. And your eyes. And your skin! You’re so pretty @Lilohorses101[-]
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Lilohorses101 : You know who I am im in 5M my name starts with L
Lilohorses101 : Sorry to hear. Why isnt it nice? Plz reply so I can improve on my designs in the future!
star box : not nice
NightWolf13 : Ur so beauti
Year 5R : What school do ya go to
Year 5R : Nice drawing
MonkeyGreatLog60 : Ooooooooommmmmmmmmmgggggggggggg Uuuuuuuu haaave to tell me hooooooooooow!!!
Alwaysthebest456 : The best to everyone and to to positive comments!!!!
Alwaysthebest456 : The prize is tempty, I’ll go for it, as always luv the painting
AlphaPhantom 유리 : I'm definetly gunna follow you! You are awesome
Lilohorses101 : Hi everyone! I will follow all that comment on this design(positive comment). I am running a compitition for the most positive comment for this design, and another compitition is for who can make a remake of this design of themselves. The prizes will be each a maze of there own, dedicated to them. Thanks for your care and support. Luv U fans! Lilo
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Lilohorses101 : Actually me
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Lilohorses101 : What do you mean date?
Lilohorses101 : Ok are you asian?
MemesMomes : Aiekq
MemesMomes : Riosq
MemesMomes : Is that actually you
MemesMomes : BTW nice drawing
MemesMomes : Nice you kind of look like me
MemesMomes : Hi
MemesMomes : Hi
MemesMomes : Lets date at coldrock in norwood
Simber : That is so cool
Lilohorses101 : No nned for your welcome @Miriam [-]happy face!
Miriam happy face : Your welcome @Lilohorses101[-]
Lilohorses101 : Oh wait, Yashi that commented on my designs! Cool!
Lilohorses101 : You make a new design(blocker) and then find the button with a photo on it. You will then be able to select a photo from your album, and the computer will blockify it for you. Thank me later!
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Lilohorses101 : Its very pretty becase its a my face and my face it fantastic! Your face is too!
Lilohorses101 : Cool!
Lilohorses101 : Its easy!
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Lilohorses101 : Cool
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Alwaysthebest456 : Amazing, I am deffinetly following you. OoooooMmmmmmmGgggggggg
Yashi : You are a true proffesionall!
Phoenix Phan : why it so pretty
LilyRubyheart : Nice
Dyutit : It is very cool
Dyutit : My sister is Yashi
Miriam happy face : Wow! I love your designs!!!!!!!!!!! I am so following you!!!!!!!
^^StarGirl^^ : Cute!
ClariVGG : Looks cool i could never do that.
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
unicorn1233 : wowsa thats cool!
Lilohorses101 : Do you mean wow! Thank you so much!
Qwena celse : Waw
Lilohorses101 : Thank you!
MonkeyHappyTruck81 : You look very pretty!!!
Lilohorses101 : Wait. Your from Texas? Do you ride horses?
Lilohorses101 : Thanks!
Alex12356 : ????????
Alex12356 : it's cool i love it
Lilohorses101 : Thank you!
Lilohorses101 : What.
Yashi : Umm.... It is nice