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5 months ago

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LilyRubyheart : I copied but the real creater is Nattasha
LilyRubyheart : If people keep saying I copied im taking this down the maximum is 10 if we reach 10 Im taking this down
The galaxy explorer : And I know that because I viewed itvand saw it.
LilyRubyheart : Ima she XD
LilyRubyheart : Ima sheXR
MidnightStar : Wow
LilyRubyheart : Ik But Nattasha did im saying it more than once
Kurt good6 : I love the play butten how did you make it
ClariVGG : Me too!
Zachary Zhu : I mean lier, but LilyRubyHeart is a cheat
Zachary Zhu : He is not a lyer
EvelynPurpleLakeGreyTruck : Hahhhhhhhhhhhh444444444
AlexandraUnicorn12 : i like the rainbow
124356789 : lier
Ninja123pc : i love it
Ninja123pc : i love it
Ninja123pc : i love it
ValerieRavenclaw : Super cool!
The galaxy explorer : Hey you cheeted you took a photo of it then edited it. OMG
The galaxy explorer : BEAUTIFUL
Cassarole73 : Thanks
Kaleb has a youtube tanel : I love the play butten
MalQuickBikeMagicLake : Wow how long did it take you to make that
Lily Ruby Heart : My name is lily ruby heart toooo!
Blue girlGreatHat : I love you tube
Abdullah funny fact : you are love youtube
Teia Terrific : So pretty!
alysandria : Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alwaysthebest456 : Cooooooooooool to the power of quitillion!
truck.Belle : That’s sooooooo pretty
Lily Ruby Heart : I made u because you are so sweet and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dog princess : Go to dimon princess caffa its a hite of your time go there now or mine
NinjaHero585 : It’s a Rainbow YouTube!
Abdall AliQuick : jbjnk
Lily Ruby Heart : Ohhhhhh make one for me pls
Lily Ruby Heart : Yea. You are my BFF now!
Lily Ruby Heart : So does that mean YES!!
LilyRubyheart : Twinzies
Pencil girlHappy : Its amazing
DrPoppyCat : Wow how r u so talented this must of taken AGES JEZ
RosyTheRose : wow
Namtastic : Totally agree
Namtastic : Well it is but its colorful
Namtastic : I wish that was a app
AudreyMagicGirlStrong : Hey Natasha, Can i call you Tash
LilyRubyheart : I already told them
هندStrongJet : Krezy
Kxtie : That is so good how did you do it
Mikaylapinkpop : I love it so so much!! Great job!!
Nattasha : But l am the creator
Nattasha : Sorry yes
Nattasha : I am the creator
Nattasha : This is my dising
AlexandraUnicorn12 : that looks so cool
goosecoolboatFastBoat : HI I,M A LV6 WORKER
Slime.D88 : Wow So Rainbow!
EshalFaisal : you fool.😁😁😁🏁🏴🏳🏁🌋🌋🌋🌋🚧🚧🚧
LilyRubyheart : Give the credit to nattasha shes the artist
HypedGirl009 : How do you do that, it is supervially pretty
bakith2003 : soooooooooooooo ceawt
bakith2003 : soooooo cewt 1
Husky husk : WOW!! Youtube rainbow really coooool!!!!
cool lovely kitty : good job 😁😁😁
LordOfBlazingIce : This is the best!
UBlueCupFastShoe : Wow so cool
meme @ 18.5.2008 : iam free
Lalu1234 : So colu i bid it it s. free
Emmy 9.13 : Sooooooooo amzing!