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Frida Khalo
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Frida Khalo

7 months ago
Frida khalo helped women have rights

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dez! : hi
Mathkid : cooool right
NA513747 : It’s good but it’s not scary maybe because I’ve lived with dolls my whole life but every other person I showed this too was scarewd out of their pants so you’re good
Kawaii_cupcake_09 : No one probaly knows who frida khalo is but i do she got ran over my a train and had to go to hostible then started paiting and she was actully realy good at it so dont make fun of her!
Ava.H : I am sorry i didnt mean to say that it is cool
Ava.H : You are right hybird she is fat
RedJet : Xkk
TigerFun52 : Y6BLG; OPHYLB,.
SBSASHY_hybird : hey dont say that
sonic boomJet : its amazing
Revel : It's nice
fahad97 : hhhh
Unicorn_ : It works good skirt
lovely red rose : wow so fat
truck.Belle : 紅蒼司集まりだ
cutie rainbow unicorn : can you pls buy something from me
Pippa1234 : Intresting
SawgamesTruck : Supid
Kawaii_cupcake_09 : It looks just like frida khalo
super Hanin : likeyou
[uer'505 : mdfhjr
[uer'505 : '';l,,,kk
MohmdTruck : Mohmd
Rapmon : It looks
601023 : صمتمحارببتمهلن
fttyhillo : 5697869
midnight_lavender : Ehhh.....?
hayulpts : Ooooooplop gate
noormoayad5e : problem
noormoayad5e : يhats the proble
ShopStrongSofa : Gufeg c. Jghrhrb bchryfh bchthfh b Chv
Jr care bear : Ewwwwwww fattey
21Lil-boss : Boss
Crazykangalady : Okie dokey
Crazy.k : We look like tinwe’s
Crazy.k : Wherd rite
Katedanceanddoglover : That is awesome you did a great job
katiePurpleLake : hey that look cool