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I try make Max
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I try make Max

about 2 months ago
Its cool

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Luna the beagle : Meeeee tooo ! THX
SnailTruck25 : I REALYYYYYYYYY love dog's
Luna the beagle : Ok mine is better becose you just put photo but is great
Luna the beagle : Lets see
Shinycat10 : Mine is better
Lola cool : Aww wwwwwwwwwwwwww
smart sock : Ok
Luna the beagle : My real name is Gabriela
Gita.klein123 : Its really good luna
Luna the beagle : Hi all thank for all !;)
nadashaibi : Thats good
giselleo2 : :)you should make another
giselleo2 : Bye i guess
Luna the beagle : Its just my work my real dog is Max its not my dog i have Luna
giselleo2 : You have a very cool dog
giselleo2 : It is night were i am
Luna the beagle : I cant say last thing is im from poland in kraków
giselleo2 : Is it day were you live
Luna the beagle : He is Max dog from pets 2
giselleo2 : Is its name luna or is that yours
giselleo2 : Cool dog
Olsen321 : Cool dog
Olsen321 : Hello
NinjaHero585 : Check out the new adventure for Max!
Makers Empire PRO : Hi everyone! Check out my designs
kooky22 : So cute
Khadoy SD : Kiut dog
Pippa1234 : It is so cute i love it
Noahmacigwizard : Nice picture