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about 1 year ago

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jojo 45 : i love ramdan
Maker : Ione day till eid
Qween Uni : I am from uae
BirdFastChair15 : i love Rmaden and i from uae
junkookietrash1 : me to
نوشFunBoat : good
Peyton2235 : Happy ramadan kareim
Bella dance girlRedCup : It might not work hve you checked Bella Dance Girl Red Cup...
SaraBlueSofa : Prove it
Amylolpop333 : Omg this ultra coooooooooooool
nice kitty : Ramadan Kareem
deema mohammed : sooooo cooooool
mimi_123 : i wish i could make such amazing creations as you
634930 : it is awesome ramadan kareem ❤
maryamCleverBoat : ramdan
xz don dragold zx : i can do alot better
Meerab1978 : Noice
xz don dragold zx : jus type xz don dragold zx
Hamdan 3/3 : COOIIIIIII
cool kittySmartCup : good one
Shodi : Ramadan. Moparak
ghaith98 : Waw
Meerab1978 : I love being a muslim
Cool kityStrongBook : These is very nice
Boofheadedhillbilly : Im not a muslam but it still looks cool
Shadow King : This is awesome i am a muslim too this is so cool because i am fasting right now as.
Khaled m. : Your awesome and i learn about that
maisam : ramadan kareem❤
laky ahmed : Ahmed
maisam : woooòow amazing💕👍
HANEEN 11 : nise
Cool Kitty Master : are you from hikmah school?
nanalove : ramadan yagmana
xXcoolkittyXx : ramadan kareem
nanalove : wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow mashaa allah
zayed83131 : Ramdan Kareem every Body
kattyPurpleTruck : Ramadan kareem
HANEEN 11 : ramadan
LevinShaoDoghero524 : Looks Good!
Lily Little deer : I L O V E it
Tasnim Minhaj : Im fasting write now and this is so pretty
doneFastBike : not ramadam its ramadan
doneFastBike : ramadan karreem mahmoud
ocean love forever : ramadan kareem llkl
x28AM : woooooooow
Chuchin4d : Hi
BellaCleverBoat : Ramadam!
Alharbi99 : waaaa
aissha the qeen : ramadan kareem for every one
doneFastBike : likes good
doneFastBike : so cool
ShadyMidnight : Oh! This is really good!
Cool Kitty Master : in my school i have a friend called haneen has a friend called reem ^_^
fofo21 and hassan998 : RAMADAN KAREEM FOR MUSLMS
shcon : wow how do you maket it's cool
JodieWhittaker : Ramadan! I learnt about that at school... and the pilgramige! Its a really good design too!
BirdFastChair15 : And me
roses_UAE : prove it
Jr care bear : Its ok but your ch is cool
xz don dragold zx : gallary
ayman askar : ramadan kareem!
Qween Uni : Wow
ama3a11 : ramadan kareem and good new year of fasting