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What's your name? .-.
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What's your name? .-.

7 months ago
I want to make my hair like that °-°

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BeckyStrongLog : this expensive
Gita.klein123 : This is to expencive
Gita.klein123 : Me too
Gita.klein123 : Wth why is this soooooooooooooooo amazing this is sick
alanoodHappyBook77 : woww!!!!!!!
giselleo2 : Fighxdyu
giselleo2 : Cghmvhjgchgkc
giselleo2 : Ndxghdxtj
giselleo2 : 8===D
giselleo2 : S
#Bolamin.TV : this is so real!
BeckyStrongLog : that is cool you are an artist ill buy it
Subzero THC : Just kidding :D
Mano0la_55 : Ok
Footy YEET : Really
loma fairy : wow how do you do it i would like to do that too!!
ꅐꂦꅐ ꁅꀤꋪ꒒ ⒽⒶⒽⒶ : ㄚㄖㄖㄖ 山卄ㄚ 几ㄖ乃ㄖᗪㄚ 匚ㄖ爪爪乇几ㄒ|几ᘜ |几 爪|几乇 卂几ᗪ ꌃꌩ ꓄ꀍꏂ ꅐꍏꌩ ⒽⒾⒾⒾⒾⒾ
Khadoy SD : I want to folow you pls
Khadoy SD : And i am dont have many like but you good lavle
Khadoy SD : Who you can do thet
Uhm_Im_Taylor : My name is Taylor Its in my username
Mano0la_55 : Thanks dud :)
Mano0la_55 : Thanks ;)
alanoodHappyBook77 : WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!
Hananomar : Nice
Cool Girl#1 : Great job
Huzendz : Oont
Huzendz : Lov it
AnimeLover2.0 : You're a artist <3
KaidenFun : Kaiden cool
malak1234Strong : the giral is nice
Luna the beagle : I now this
Mano0la_55 : If u dont want tell me your name its okey i well not eat you :|
Mano0la_55 : I well not kidnapped you :)
Mano0la_55 : Yes what is the funny :/
Mano0la_55 : Thhhhaaannnkks i love thisss comnt {:
nabelmaz89 : ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
nabelmaz89 : how???
Creepy hobo guy who will stalk u for life have a nice day yeet! : POV: everyone knows ur the most amazing person ever at creating things but things change as soon as u make this! YA YEET!
JodieWhittaker : I want to throw a book at him -picks up entire works of harry potter- CHAAAAAAAAAAAARGE
MermaidGirl# : Love the fuzzy hair ha ha ha
123456Hat9 : sgdhvk12345678910
Yuneli : "
Yuneli : Hi breanna
BreannapencilFunBookFastChair : Yay hi yuneli you are also a artist
Yuneli : You are a artist
Yuneli : Nice
Eileenxie : Wow! Thats amazing! I cant even draw a DECENT stick figurein makers empire T.T
BreannapencilFunBookFastChair : Wow talented lady
Mano0la_55 : I dont care, thanks for the coins ;)
Mano0la_55 : I drow it with my self if u dont anderstand tell me any thing about the girls and i well drow it
Mano0la_55 : If you dont like it let me your drowing if that better :)
Mano0la_55 : Thank you :)
Mano0la_55 : No i make it with my self :)
Jad the super boy : Shut up peeps she is a nub
#Maha : Nice I like your drawing I will give you biggest biggest like
PotatoGurlForever : THATS MEAN!
BreannapencilFunBookFastChair : Did you take a photo and put it on? Cuz this looks great
Jad the super boy : I buy it and i will throw it in garbech
Jad the super boy : This is ur drawing =-=
Jad the super boy : Ewwwwwww
NoraBook : wow
H mitten kitten : omg how did you do that
TimClever : What is it?
Hanna_Hamda : w00w
Atticus9 : Bo
Mini sach : Where is her eyes
Mini sach : Cool drawing
AudreySmartGirl*** : My name is Aliyah
Aliya_LGrey : ALIYA
ABCWW : Did you draw that it’s amazing
cayleeBike : that is a picterue i know it is
Val :v : Nice!
Rona R : Is that a photo
Prankster : So cool
Unicorn0404 : Wow
giselleo2 : Fjgcygcgufd
Subzero THC : Im jad on a new account [b] XD
Subzero THC : Manal vs subzero