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Bee Tropical Landing Paradise
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Bee Tropical Landing Paradise

9 months ago
Congratulations to those winners! Bravo!!!!!

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Chloe the seal swimmer : So beautiful!! I want to live there now
truck-ashton5 : This is better than mine
Aliyah C : that should be for sale
Mark.Brighton : lol! No seriously what were you doing on my profile...
JackBU : Good job
carolz6 : Wow
savannah123 : GREAT!
unicorn Lily : unicorn Lily
smacksue : beach paradise love it
Mark.Brighton : Nice spelling mistakes Archie xd
Mila.Brighton : Congats mark
jonnytwcs : plz reply
Mark.Brighton : I am in the top five but not in the top 3 :(
shoe-Huskie : Coool
jonnytwcs : like the 2d can you like mine it is at the bottem
saraia.radcliife : OMG how did you do that!!!!!!
star.Hawks1 : Very cool
Jade2018 : How?
bethcat07 : AMAZING!
mitchellyo : WOW!
truck.Chanel : He is in my year
truck.Chanel : He is from my year
Mali Levi : Nice
taiya.baxter.louise : i am sprised
Lakei.neiufi : Fah this is sick in a good way!!!
Bella.Cui.Zhang : How did you do it!!!
Mark.Brighton : sure whats it called , I got lots of fans at school they will judge! :)
Archie.brighton : Wow dude even thoug i cant here you jeez its good
Hunter Davis : I won the blast off copation
Jayden Ko -_- : Woa, great! (☞゚∀゚)☞
Andrew.truck : @huj[-]
mps 150042 : amazing artist
Rivers : Omg
HomeMarkTheNoob : I am a spare account of Mark.brighton, cuz its me, I liked my own build :)
Andrew.truck : Amazing. I love this
evawes : Its so cool
Goldenpluge : OMG
fifitac : I want it to be summer now.
Mali Levi : Awsome dude
Amber-blue : Awesome, did you win? Epic, put on sale!
Silly sebby : Bruh cool
Alex is awesome : Put on sale NOWWWWWWWWWW!! !!!!!!!!! PLZ
Hintominto : How is that so good i cant do that good im gelas
Chaelg : How do u do dat
Kiki -Roo : need to put it on sale!!!!
Kiki -Roo : this is....paradise
Yixuan blue : Put it for saleeeeeeeee so
Bojinchen : Can u pretty please put this for sale!!
Ruby B : Wooohooo GG girl good job too ;)
Destruction system : That is cool man!
Jacrob : Hi
VivianTh : cool
carolz6 : Yeah i followed u too
Rucha : Please put this design for sale i luv it i really want i really want please please please please please
Sierra Hedges : Just kidding
Sierra Hedges : Great design my friends design is better tho
ccocks : i love it
Anguserot : OMG
Mark.Brighton : Thanks!
VivianTh : amazing
Raven.Lindsay : Awesome
Keyarnah karpany : keyarnah.karpany
Diya.Iyer : I love your design I realy realy want you to put this design for free
三4黄晓晖 : iwdjadhaahdidakdiadjaikdaiwjdiawkdaduawdiawjduawjdawjduawjduajduajwadaoldaopdkaldoakdoakdoawdiakwodkaidkaidkaiwdkawidkwaidkaiwkwdiawkd0akdia
三4黄晓晖 : fadjnajkdbajkdbahdvb
Emily.brighton : Amelia-fish
Macashha : I Love it it is a masing
Jaquon02 : Hi
9010664331029 : ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo098
9010664331029 : Im back
Rucha : Yeah i agree with carolz6. Oh and by the way carolz6 i follow you and mt friends do to.
Rucha : Okayyy wierd
Emily.brighton : Your picture is veryfamous
Mark.Brighton : Your models are great!
kyle12121 : hi
carolz6 : The waves are the highlights
carolz6 : Yeah u do have enough money. So do I
kyle12121 : hi
9010664331029 : Bye eveyone but give a text then i come if one of you give me a text back
hhh53whge5h5 : hahaha
tweetweet : that is probally the best one yet
EamonB : Wow When can you make more all of us
hhh53whge5h5 : qhahaha
hhh53whge5h5 : ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
kaius dor : OK FREIND
Lauren Claire : Good job! if I don't win I hope you win!
bird.Esther : Thats called being a good sport!
MemerOfTheCentury : Wow this cool! I hoep you have tiem to check out my models.
Superteddygames : Preaty good qwallity
FriedDuckSoup : This is truly amazing!!!
SophieK.brighton : Who is this truck.Chanel dyou know me Sophie? (Please reply) :D
Lily.Brighton : Who is truck.Chanel dyou know me Sophie
GTGH : wow!!!!!!
Nico.brighton : Hope you wiin
Emerald.cookie : wow cool nice job dude
Room19shiloh : Yep you are cret
Mark.Brighton : When the competetion is over
Stealthinater : so nice
Mark.Brighton : Yes its me
truck.Chanel : Is this mark from brighton cathlic primary school your in my class also i liked this same thing on my school ipad
JCH : I love love love love this it is so cool!
9010664331029 : So bye
9010664331029 : Yeah wow
9010664331029 : Like is so good all the time right
9010664331029 : I love it to
9010664331029 : How you doing
mps140217 : CAN you copy it so I can get one becase it is sooooooooooooo gooooooooooood please.
GTGH : good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nico.brighton : Good job
mps140217 : CCCDV
Jessica.rain : I love it
carolz6 : I love ur new avatar and I love No tears left to cry too!!! :)
Jessica.rain : How do you make it
GTGH : oooooooo
Lily.Brighton : Well done mark
8thsep : Wow how did u do that?
fast.Noah2 : It is reosonable
iiKawaii_Unicorn : Wow...blown away!
Tobyen B9 : How mich will it be?
sharni5 : i love it
GTGH : how you made??
Freddy.Gr : Great job!!
Room19Tom : Sich
Kiralea chandler : OMG I apsalutly LOVE IT dude its sooooooo cool
Mark.Brighton : Its for cost when the competetion is over okie?!
h8ugrehcjuhjuhp cuig0 : that is amzzing and so so pritty
Royal_Ninja : Great design!
Mark.Brighton : Uhhh I think I broke the colours of my shirt lol its not meant to be like this!
Asher.yan : Pls make it free
Anish rai : How could a bee drink from ocean water? And how does a flower grow on sand? And how could he be there without a beehive?
Hollyr13 : Carolz6 is right it is funny by the way looks super cool
Desertkoala : What im doing in your preofile is admiring you!
Meril Bijo : please make it for sale its so cool
Bunnylover : Awesome
Adventurous : Awesome cool
Adventurous : Hi carolz6 how do you see someones profile picture
Chanelle.Brighton : That awsome
carolz6 : Exactly
carolz6 : Just getting to know you!
NobleWizard : Awesome! how many waves did you draw?
Emma.saddik : Wow tour like a creater
Mark.Brighton : Thanks guys! I highly appreciate your wonderful support! BUT just keep in mind the way I made this was my imagination
night.unicorns : you go
carolz6 : :) I read ur profile its funny
Tiana L : Soo good