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Greek gods: Aphrodite!
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Greek gods: Aphrodite!

7 days ago
The goddess of love and beauty! (She’s my favorite)

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DaMuff00 : Please make it for sale and keep making the gods and goddeses.
Ice Warrer : BEATFUL!!!!
stuf2012004784 : sqwfwqdsdtswtsqsqywsyq
I.Watch.You.Sleep : SAAAA GOO
I.Watch.You.Sleep : APHRO MY GIRL
124657890- : do you love boy
Natalie meow : On makers empire duh
Haydenp5414 : Hot
GreenKittys : Its bootifull
Maker : cool
sydney34 : shes my favorite god ever
BasketballPencil : Wheres the face
Jennifer lake : Wow how did you do that???
s506616Hat : all boys are the sam
Tomgirl22b21 : So amazing
maggie unicorn : Omg soooo Romantic :o
Merina Waters : Well, unfortunantley, i do not sell my designs, but i will make more!
Merina Waters : No, but it looks like it. Actually, this is a toga, what many ancient greeks wore!
shawakh2008 : same*
SophieMagma : Is she getting married?
sydney34 : make it for sale
Merina Waters : Tysm!