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Greek gods: Athena!
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Greek gods: Athena!

6 days ago
Goddess of war, art, and wisdom!

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noorSmart2 : why i want buy it its sooooooooooooooo niiiicccce
I.Watch.You.Sleep : Omg I wish I was her
Heaven'sGurl : Woah
MerinaWatersotheracc : hi am merina's other account!
SofiaPencil3 : Its not too bad ok.
Fun_Master_Pro : Its no for sale. ):
Mimi momo m : Yes your right
Mimi momo m : Yes your right
RiannaS193 : Athena, my most favourite Greek God
Jacobe6720Boat : Thank you
Marvolus mila : Athene is the godess of wisdom
sydney34 : its for free buy it everyone
DuckFacy.-. : Pretty noice
Lulu-chan : ty
Marvolus mila : Athena
lovelyface : wow
SophieMagma : maybe she did not want to add a face?
Chloebear101 : I really like your character! :)
Chloebear101 : No way! This is too cool! :D
Lulu-chan : -w-
Lulu-chan : i wish i be a gods idk and good job! *give cookies for like*
me,meGreen : حبيتة
King candy : Why no face?
sydney34 : why