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Miss lady rose
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Miss lady rose

about 1 month ago
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adella:3 : PREETY
.+*banana*+. : I play royale high and i have that skirt
Brooklynn irena hill : Same ist cute drees
Brooklynn irena hill : Ist shud benfree
Banna kid : Sell it
Xx_teddy_xX : I love your dress
Lunagreat9Bike : Mak it for sale
Yuma_24 : Ooooo
Merina Waters : Who shall and why?
Chloe276034 : I was saying that we shall go around the world
Merina Waters : What? Im confused what does go to new york mean?
Chloe276034 : You are so beautiful. Guys, we better go to new york
Evelyn, Tonks : I love it
Xx_teddy_xX : Gys u relie
Merina Waters : It is for sale in the shop :)