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Who has ideas??
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Who has ideas??

about 1 month ago
Looking for new stuff to do!

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MrsChunk : A sunflower <3
Evelyn, Tonks : Do a dress
MiracleBox : Dark halo and light halo?
Merina Waters : Cakes? Ok
Lilly123Blue : Ze new halo
Jollyfishy : Please notice me!
Jollyfishy : Cakes!
RainbowFun9 : Yay yay yay
Bear_boss78 : I just got to trade level:)
miss muny monster112 : ohh! can you make celebs in flat
Cookii_Z : Could you do a miss lady rose set?
RainbowFun9 : Um maybe do like some stories
MiracleBox : New mermaid halo? And new. Halloween halo
Tlordx2 : Kim kardashian
Cool Jess : Make her kawaii
Jollyfishy : Cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes!
Ccp girl : make earrings