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Hi My name is mikayla!!
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Hi My name is mikayla!!

11 months ago

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Savanna Marlee Kearney Love : mikayla do u go to south decatur school
ClariVGG : I perfer Clari but u can call me any of the above. Once, my reallife friend called me Claire. And Parker said “ Claire? “ and laughed. That was halarious.
ClariVGG : Mine is Clarissa but most of my family calls me Clari thats why my name is ClariVGG.
Audrey Smart Girl : CoolQ) it is amazing my name is Aliyah
Mikaylapinkpop2 : Yes it is cool!
Mikaylapinkpop : Thanks!
Jackson Spear : Cool :)
Mikaylapinkpop : Its an Amazing thing!!