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I love you Aliyah!
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I love you Aliyah!

11 months ago
You are amazing and thankyou for saying i am a friend! I have not really had someone as nice as you!! Love you... this is for you.

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!Puppy Dingo! : Hey MIk
MehFun : Cute
Mikaylapinkpop : Do we go to the same school?
Audrey Smart Girl : Yea we are my name is Aliyah. Mikayla pink pop is my BFF/friend and go to the same school and she is really nice to me. I made her to be my BFF becasue i get BULLIED at school to!!!!
MehFun : Looks like you and aliyah are friends
MehFun : Hey. Hey. Hey
MmmmHappy : So cutw!
Audrey Smart Girl : YES BFF FOREVER!
MehFun : Love it
Mikaylapinkpop : BFF FOREVER!!
MmmmHappy : Biggest fan mikayla pink pop.
Mikaylapinkpop : Love you Aliyah!