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13 days ago
follow Isla28 she has realy good content and desines

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Que41 : Great job
SunflowerGrey : Yes i did
lil sus : sooooo mardigaras awsome
lil sus : so mardigas awsome
Unicorn123Fancy : I followed you can yu follow back plzzz
SunflowerGrey : I really want that hair
ChickenFancy : OMG!!!!!
ChickenFancy : Ahhhhhhhhhhhh so cute
catlava sock : Wow thats so cool
26lemiller : Nice i love it
BananaHH : So creative
shriyaMagic : #cute!!!!
EllaGHappy : Love It!
Ella eplingGrey : Cool vibes
unicorn. girl : No way!!!!!!! It is ousome cool👌
12345foggy : OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
Sillygamergirl123 : Wow I cant belive it is so amazing how do u do it
OMGOlivia : That very cute xD
abigailpaki : look at that Hair!! its amazing!!
MilaHappy : That you,s to be me
Candy Claire : How many likes should we get this to?
♡Justice_ Mimi♡ : So cute!
UnicornClever6 : I know
Unicornirina : Amazing
EmmaHappy7 : OMG SO AWSOME
Rifa#potato : Hi im rifa i Liked your Design plz Like mine
1kilodeliries : This makes me happy too
0088 : It is so cute
Woofls : omg i love it soooooo CUTE
queen of the world SSSSSSSS : there is so much things going on at once
Stephanie6 : so nice!
Qween of love : I need it
Ennie11290 : Hi milla, It looks great! If you didn't know, i go to the same school as you! Follow me and I'll tell you who i am!
cardib000 : Anna oop i love Lunay hes great at sining i swear yall should listen to his songs but its in spanish but its good listen to the album Epico
Nevaeh girl : cute
madisonCool7Purple : love the hair its so cute
Anderw : Lkjikm’k8mjkj)kukjk6hguy
coool123 : guys follow @moon123cool[-] her dress very cuteeeeeeeee
ﺮﻫاﻮﺟ : ماذا
ﺮﻫاﻮﺟ : اذا
ﺮﻫاﻮﺟ : انا من الا
ﺮﻫاﻮﺟ : نعم انتي عربيه
MakinleyM : >:0 I was go
Camellia is the best : How did you do that
Chloe Zamolo : Milla27 you have a gift
MakinleyM : h
MakinleyM : LOL😊😊😊
Sarah cupcake : My bestfriend alay
ffrfhy : جميلة الصورة
AHAD. : Hi
fun hat : f3و تكظ ٩الالف٠ﻒﻟﻻﺎ٩يا يا م جد
championship : Loooovvveee iiittt
kareem strongRed : wooooooow
MilaHappy : I made this
MilaHappy : Mila
Ivy.Silipo.Catholic123 : Aww I want it
samayaBlue : I love it
tya.dhayaparanLog : You are the best
Joyce.Wei : OMG it is so pretty
Iove heart : Iove it
MashTruck : love it girlfriend
Dragonloverxoxo : Thats really good
gisselleLm : That is
moon123cool : can you follow me @Milla27[-]
moon123cool : nice
Choco Donut31 : @Milla27[-]
Hearts of flowers : Soo colourful and pretty!
1kilodeliries : Cool
tnt truck 1234 : bisciting
Lapis Azuli : Is that supposed to be pride?
Gabs@dance : Amazing character I love it
yellowbanana : sooo cute! ad cool
UnicornClever6 : I know
Mimi_1208 : I have absolutly no idea. Soz
SEYNAB123 : Search this on the gallery samayablue
quesoph : Omg
#cuteki : so cute
Playkathyplay : Its so cool!!!
hassan123Truck : I love you
Isla28 : @Milla27[-]
MollyMoo : How do u post characters u make?
jordanGreen7 : how did yoou do that was cool i like it ok
bubunomg : best cute
13 felines purrfect : Hey there! Love your designs!
Isla28 : Hi
sdssTruck : hi
SEYNAB123 : i like this design
Zeep1 : so cool
uniApril11 : OMG
quesoph : How did you make that
UnicornClever6 : I did
quesoph : I love it I will buy it
Serenaw : Omg
MollyMoo : ?
mariamBoat66 : maybe she picturet
mariamBoat66 : tell me how you do it? and teach me
Moika939 : I KNOW RIGT
afraQuick6 : sooooooo cute its soo so so so so beautiful
QueenFancy7 : i love this it is so so cute
Milla27 : thanks for standing up
DottieDL1111 : Cute
mamayy : This is so cute!
Lily the gamer : Tell me how you do it
Clara sJet : Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute
UAESock3 : I lovi t it s soo cute
Milla27 : 1k
Larita_ww : it's very cool
Alivia lynn Erickson : Hey I love your stuff
LJazzy : So cute
Nevaeh girl : so so so so so so so so cute
Unikittygirl : Yeah there are so so so so cute
Unikittygirl : Shutup
love youLake : this is nice
TheBruh : Nerd
cocopuff_139 : love the hair!
softball_is_vsco : If only I had enough...
Miray x : Did you
Miray x : The price Is so much
Nicole pro 445 : Omg is amesing
020621 : Prettiest thing ever
Ella10 : Cute!
HalimasMagic8 : very nice!
the moon i whit : nice:) keep your hard work
Bananahead : How did you do that
Lilly Malfoy : SOOOOO CUTE!!!
Lilly Malfoy : OMG!!!!
#luigi : sooo cute keep it up girl
M.H8 : Excuse me I moslm
potatohydroflak : omggggggg
stuf2012023272 : جميل
Shammaghanem : Wow
Sophie.tan5 : Omg you are so beautie!
Ausome girl : So pretty
@mail.fcboe.org : Wow so nice How you did it