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3 months ago

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Foxylove : HI
OMG Olivia : Soooooo nice i will buy it
Que41 : I have the hair
Ivy.Silipo.Catholic123 : Oh my diggly donty do
MrChair : Helou
MrChair : El selen
SBSASHY_hybird : It looks so real!
Ivy.Silipo.Catholic123 : WAIT 1 DOLLAR
Leila31N : Cute
Queen Athena : Pls it looks cute
potato chan! : LOVE IT
BrianBomb : I need this!
SIJIA.LIN : Oh i got it before it was 1 bucks
Miray x : I Love It
layla the magic person : Wooow! I wish i was this talented
Doggienugget : IN LOVE WITH THIS DESIGN!!! It looks awesome!
Queen Athena : Pls I have 0 tokens
Queen Athena : Can it be for free
CatPotat0 : Rude! I oove this design.
I_am_not_from_the_north_pole_ =v= : JuSt MoNicA JuSt mONiCa
princessClever : your so talented
Star HELP ME : izel
Nic2342 : Love
Lilac~rose : How? I love it btw
@mail.fcboe.org : Everyone should love it'
Potatofart10 : Amazing!
Maker : It reminds me of gacha and gacha is weird+%+
JanetGreat : Nice dress
Ninna157 : Ok let’s be honest this is the best outfit anyone has every seen
CatPotat0 : Love*
Unicorn123Fancy : @Foxylove[-] i am following yu can yu follow me back
EllaGHappy : How did you make this?
toto 1st : cool i like it
BrianBomb : Wow i bought this when it was free.
roseylovely : wow this iscute
omar12Pencil : i got it for 1
Hoor .A : وايد حلوة ماشاء الله
Jmooooo : DAT IS SO CUWT
MrChair : Hut mordin
queen of the world SSSSSSSS : it is sooooooo beautiful do U make everything UR self or did U buy some of the things? meh I love it anyways
ElizabethBlue : i mean this person sorry
ElizabethBlue : its very nice but you put all of this hard work in to this and now making it for 1 doller?
Pure_YT123 : niceeeeeeee
Fairy bianca : Awesome
hipe4756 : i like it
That_Child_Nae_Nae : Trust me, she will make more money if she does that. If a lot of oeople see it and it’s only a dollar, they will all get it and she will make a lot of money. She is actually smart for doing this.
Eliza gamez👑 : she looks great but how the heck you do that??????
Supergittergirl! : Im wearing this beauty
MayaO1234 : I really like your design. Its super cool and l would love to do a design with you. Let me know
Amani.K : This is very nice but why one dolloar?You did this hard work and its only one dollar. You should atleast do 3 or 2 but you did great and you are very nice to make it one dollar!
MouzaBook1 : Wow!
EmaanQ26 : this is the most beautiful thing ever
Lily mancey : So cheap <3
triple xJet : that is pritty good
Amani.K : Ps.I love it!
LJazzy : Adorbs!
Princess Glitter : Love it
izelsmart : cute.
IzzyIsSmarterThanU : This is so cheap and cute!!!
HamadXD5 : Bch
HELP ME HAT : i love it
sky lol : why is this ok why is this
TrixieHybrid510 : Make a FURRRRYY
Beatrice Frost : So cute
Amelia.petersen : gess i could never make somthing like that! p.s can you pls like me
topchef : Wow how did you do that
Fairy bianca : Great
horselover16Fancy : cool person
Nola500 : jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
s525112 : amazing
Supergittergirl! : I love it
Ice papper : Its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Blossom fairy : wow!,
frost queenFancy : thier is a girl in my class named Danna
MIMII UwU : thx
Mr.ricestepdad : Coin i have coins
MIMII UwU : what is awkward
UnicornClever6 : I have the same
stephaniehdz34 : I got it looks cool
Dragon Go! : Go search Dragon Go! for some awesome things
MIMII UwU : kk UwU
123456789Sock90 : it is qwsome ni jau na
@mail.fcboe.org : So cute so Adorable so pretty
MIMII UwU : oh nice
P.mikeClever : Love
MIMII UwU : uh
Siricool : Love it!
princesss : Awsome!
Dollface : Cute af
MIMII UwU : hola hi
MIMII UwU : thxxx
Bryce Moore : i bought this
jujubee : Sweets
MIMII UwU : aye
Lorenlover_157 : i bought it
Sydney910 : I bought it
MIMII UwU : aww thx
MIMII UwU : yay
Sydney910 : Its so cute
@mail.fcboe.org : i broughted it,
DannaGreenMagic : Danna
Nyiah : But
queen of the world SSSSSSSS : umm..................
MIMII UwU : but what
FlowerHorse : Amazing!
Reni ;3 : Just monika just monika just monika >;]
queen of the world SSSSSSSS : arkward...............
unikitty emmy : Cute..
Nyiah : Yallwyd
Sophie.sheppard : Im a fan of your design
MIMII UwU : yep for sale one dollar
Reni ;3 : Ok no ;b
Nyiah : But this on for sale
UnircornioRed : Hola
ahargraves : How do you get that?
Pedro mars pro : Kfkfl
Yu ni : OMG!
cocopuff_139 : soo pretty!
giannaShoe : you