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about 2 months ago
What do you like to order from starbucks?

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Evee3 : As in drink
Evee3 : Ha!Look at it.Can you finish it or is it too big?
anfaal12345 : Y*)TV&)V T)^ ^F) *^T)v t7u/9)(&&T))&())()()()(&*(^TY*^&*)(*00
anfaal12345 : 655
anfaal12345 : mee too
PUGMAN. : cool
Leila Maria : Yummy
anfaal12345 : not riet
anfaal12345 : not rel
maithaQuick6 : loue
MM.2008 : Me too
Hija de capitana nucleos : i...love... IT
khalidPurple3Fun : ooooooooh lla
MM.2008 : What are you saying?
MM.2008 : What are you saying?
malak 7896523 : xjxxghbggbgcxcvvvvgsvcvn gchchgbgchbhbh hh
malak 7896523 : ugggggvvggdgds
Ben tan : This makes me want to work a starbucks!
TurtleKitKat : AlsO iTmigHt bE staRboOks because.. BoOks aRe madE ouT oF starS
TurtleKitKat : SirBiggels.. I know R/Woosh And pretty much that? But come on.. It's A community.
TurtleKitKat : SirBiggles? isn't that kinda not nice? Eh
MM.2008 : It's star bucks not like just like you write
Daisy lover : Mmmmh stare bux
maggie unicorn : Well i’ll try then!
UnicornClever6 : Want to drink it
MM.2008 : Sory I send it 2 times
MM.2008 : Thak you guys for the nice comments
MM.2008 : Thank you guys for the nice comments
Oceansowazy : nice
MM.2008 : Me too
MM.2008 : Me too
MM.2008 : Who is that
MM.2008 : I like white mocha
SirBigglesworthII : My favorite thing at starbucks is chai lattes :>! What’s yours?
shaikhah 115 : i love it
wadeema333 : WADEEMA333
leila1407 : I’ve never had it but I would have a dragon fruit refresher and an electro donut
MM.2008 : Me too I love it
SirBigglesworthII : r/woooosh
shaikhah 115 : i love star book
memo77 : nice i drink it
MM.2008 : You can do it it's so easy
maggie unicorn : How!?! :o
MM.2008 : Who is that?
noof abdulla333 : noof abdulla333
5vz_g : star boooooks
MM.2008 : Hello
MM.2008 : Hello
MM.2008 : It's not books it's bucks........but I think you like star bucks right?
kha_133 : hi
333Magic7 : hi