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3 months ago

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Qween Uni : Followplz
mot12345 : mbnnk
Abdullah Ali Falah : الامارات الكفو ول الاعلا العالم
frFastBike : حيو الامارات حيووووو
blue bill : I used to live in the uae
soshy : I LOVE U.A.E
Doodle_man : i used to liv there
AMLY CUTE : i love my country and i am proud in it heyday
iwa : djfsiojgfdj
sara snounou : is ok thes ok
sara snounou : wow
sara snounou : sara
ammar. ali : ammar. ali
yamen xd : allah 3alek
yamen xd : الله يسعدك
Mm# : good UAE
BaraaGreyChair : رشب ناأ
sara ismail : UAE
Khadoy mohammad : I am in U A E hes good
kingCoolSofa : ❤❤❤🤗
Alex2001221 : وححح
AliaCoolLog : Hiareuoframuae
حححMagicLog : نيس
ashaly : i want to libpbe to uae but wow
moh123CleverSofa : thank you fore the likes
moh123CleverSofa : i love you oll
Wingi$$$ : I love you so much
Khadoy mohammad : I lave in uae She good
devil don't fly : i live it UAE
noora2008 : me too
Hamdan5 : ا
Hamdan5 : wow its so cool
Amylolpop333 : Wow dude wow so cool