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Welcome !
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Welcome !

18 days ago
this is a design about a gateway to my imaginary city!
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NabihaM1 : Obsolutely awesomee
Sondos : its not a game!
l5alal : cccccccccccoooooooooooooollllllllllllll
l5alal : soooooooooo cuteeee
Mona lisa WHO? : Me? If it is , im sorry you cant read minds so dont say something you dont know.
JacksonFastBoat : Hello
JacksonFastBoat : I like
hazzaa7776 : Fk
hazzaa7776 : Fk
Blueberry forest : Wow just wow
Brookierocks eveyday : No Offence but i could make that so other people can buy it and i will say go and like Mona lisa Who!
Enderplayzcookieunicorns : She is going to be jelous cause she dosent want someone to be better than her
wara : cool bro
Alice33HappyCup : I cant even play this game
Mr flurry : It super cool
Better than sam : I will pay four coins
Ana Lucia >:3 : OMG IS PETRYYYYY
Miriam wow : Sell it!!
Pizza12345girlroblox : Wow this is sooo good Mona it looks like you did your best and effort in it . Keep makng-Chel Chel
Elijahdreesen : Thats so life like!! Its great!
Erskgaming_YT : Hey wtf
Lana~2006 : why you are angry??
Lana~2006 : but uor name is qamar T.heba told me sory sory sory sory sory
MonkeyFastJet68 : OMG ITS SOO GOOD
flash 01 : yeah man put the price put a price on 2 or 3
cristiano nasreldin : nice one bro can you sell it to me please
Harmonia : I love your city it is so cool i will like it!
Hearper : Wow that looks cool
SavannahTheRunner : nice work my name is Savannah
sersha : Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best I love it
F evry one : Sell it its so cool ill give you what ever you want you can have all my money just plz sell it
Robert/sanic : Hellooooo
Nermin Wisam Issa : I want to buy it
KAWAIINumberblocks : Nice work!
Mona lisa WHO? : Im sorry i didnt know that someone maid that!
Mona lisa WHO? : Why hello!
Mona lisa WHO? : I said please stop and thats not my name i swear!
Angelb : Love it
KAWAIINumberblocks : 999.999 out of 1000
KAWAIINumberblocks : Hi @Mona lisa WHO?[-] My name is Nedie(Beth/Fina/Nana)
Theopatra : Awesome city
AudreySwimForLife : We know
hayaMagicSock : nice
Mona lisa WHO? : this is not my name and please DONT SAY anything about my information because all you said was very annoying
lamouraxxx : nice
Lana~2006 : 7-Z
Lana~2006 : you are camar grade 7 really!
Mona lisa WHO? : Uhhh whom is this?
LightningP : Wow nice work :)
Lana~2006 : hi camar
nnn12345678910 : did jo du dat
shahad humaid : is butifule city
ODDIESJ028 : Mona lisa was drawn by leonardo da vinci
ODDIESJ028 : Cool
Tomvautour : Gchchvj Kl,l,b
Princess ivanee58 : 0 to 100 100 :3
Princess ivanee58 : Beatiful! Hermoso :3 Maravillosa jugada
Farahappylog : Did jo du dat?
Abrar khafaja : so nice!!
yyyFunBookGreenLog : Why you steal it from "zero 2"
Majd456 : you are superhero I love you design so much
LionFunSofa68 : ه يخىف منهبيىلاظت مظتؤءعلايزلا ءى ءىىسلاظتمئ ىر ىرعتةؤسنءيتءنتؤ رمىريسلاثسع علش ع ص كعلا ل خلا ث خال لثشك هعلث اع
nawarii2512 : omg
nawarii2512 : wooooooooow
lol5o2 : very good
Miriam wow : How?
Super Max : I like the buildings.
BENJMISTER : Supa dupa!
Firtwiter : YOU OWN A CITY!!!
r_nutella : 7loo
ODDIESJ028 : Awesome
MiaTheDarkFairy : sp beautiful!
amora : how did u do that!? like if u wonder to
Justine.wu1 : I love it
El Salvador : Wish we could buy it.. dont u?
wessam tv : make it with en coins then i will bay it
Lana~2006 : me too
CatGreyTruck46 : Are you in grade seven
CollinGreyShoe : The dream hunter
CollinGreyShoe : The Dream hunter
j,yytgihm, : good
Mano0la_55 : Sooo baetiful i love it
n nfmSmartChair : Nonjhjh