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3D Sherman tank
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3D Sherman tank

7 months ago
It has been shot multiple times and is now smoking with fire

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MonkeyClever68 : @33rekt33[-] thaks fo the idea!
dez! : i didn't see nothin in it. and i bought it.
spiderdeath : i am buying it
MonkeyClever68 : Thank you!
33rekt33 : will do
MonkeyClever68 : If you buy it, there is somthing special inside!
Shinycat10 : I like dis tank
33rekt33 : you welcome
MonkeyClever68 : There was suppose to be a coin in it! But i made the coin with a guy who was driving it!
MonkeyClever68 : Yes! It acualy is a copy of what i am whering today!
MonkeyClever68 : What are you talking about?
Kawaii_cupcake_09 : Is that you inside there evan?