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Minecraft Pickaxe

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Minecraft Pickaxe

22 days ago

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t6t6ft : the price is to high
ZoZoCorn : plz lower
Mika_lover : UWU
Wthom : Since you like minecraft desings check out my steve plz
Im Maad : Make it under 10 plz
YeetLake : Thx so much
Matt King : I can’t blame them it took a lot of little squares to make this belive me i checked
Ehhhhhhhhh? : to much coins
LuserCup : Put price down to 20
Nox77 : I have this a one
Letgohunting22123 : I can buy it i jave 119 coins! :D
YeetLake : Please lower the price
Zayed090 : Omg TY
hayulpts : Ooooooooplop gate
iikaxdxnii : I made it cheaper buy mine
Mika_lover : Plz this is just a high price lower it
ZappyDrago : I buy if its under 15
extreme9000 : this is too much munee
TigerPurpleTruck32 : I know right!
MariaLife : Price=no buys hello put down price and I will follow u
Jeff the warrier : Way to high
Computer69 : Lower priiiiiiiiiccceeeeeee
Catmeme : Plz change the price to at least under 10
Sir blue dude guy : I dont care about the price this is mincraft guuci
Deamon123 : Way tooo high but is good
VangLee4563 : If you would make the price 1$
ZappyDrago : Its very nice ! But the price plz :)
PokemonMaster7 : Can u make the price lower pls pls
bobgreenlen : nooooooooooooooooo