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Makers Empire

11 months ago
If we get 100 likes for my birthday that would be awsome please buy it to.But when lets go for 10000

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WatMagic : Did he?
Abby moana : i love this maker that made this desighn
unicorncoolpepes###123 : So cool!!!i am a youtuber.Shout out to you!!!
Queenoffashiondates : Sorry bout that dude
Joker12345 : Hdggdg hvcudhdj d udbenehah sh d duid s dubdjen duddbxhx.
Cccccclllbbb : 1000 likes.wow!
Zboy10 : that cool
zamzam299 : you copy me
FishGrey25 : uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
CharlieYEETsport : i liked it
CharlieYEETsport : reached 100 likes
MouseGreyTruck : Awsome
CleverMasterMind : dats gud
Kimberly loaizaMagicPencilFastPencil : Yo lo cree y no cuesta nada
OliviaFun4 : makers empiere
Trickster77 : Tounge tied
subhiaGreenPencil : wowwwww
HANEEN 11 : woooooooooooooooooow
مريمFunSock : Woooooooooooooooooolooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow oh my god
Jenny.bird : Wooooooooooooooooow!
SofyaQuickJet : Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
Hind2098 : هند انا غيث
zka 5b : Good Game
Hind2098 : Hind
RASHOOOD : hfryjk
Hind2098 : Hi
Queenoffashiondates : How long did it take for u
Queenoffashiondates : Any body here
VandrossOrtell : Coooooooollllllll
qkfjrfd : masfm se c zg vm hjdrfhhjfh c hjgcdghb c f f b
Zaina’s hero : It is so amazing
The white : Hey you should have put it a higher prise happy bd
ElishaKim17 : Omg it looks like makers galaxy
G-star#1 : That looks SO cool!
Zac456 : I dont like it I love it!!!!
Themam : I will buy if 1 ok if not i dont buy ok
WolfyPlayz5011 : Mashallah+happy birthday!!!!! Hope your wishes come true ameen ya rub.... (talking arabic w// english key board) <3
Samaira102 : love it LOL
OliviaGrey : Ilove it
Bellatrix Ella : I love it. Soi payed you two tokens and got my own copy but added somthink else on it soi was not copying
Bellatrix Ella : Super inpesive
BunnySmartBike : Okay.. i see u!!!
Maryam-777 : Very good
Joker12345 : Uf h. Gc gybevd hdh. Dvbe dhe eh sue. Dhd. Dhs s dbx. Dhx d. Dvebdnd bshsbs. S d. Hdh
Bellatrix Ella : If you want it than pay two tokens and get a copy for yourself
Hija de capitana nucleos : It's very easy to make and come on I don't know what do you mean down and got so many many many Juneau Glik's and back of the neck gas but I don't
Themam : Ot has to be 1 man
nice kitty : you mean12 days ago .¿¿¿¿¡
ValerieCoolBook : Amazing
SalemCleverLake : Yuckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
oasha123 : Omg
Queenoffashiondates : Am i invisadle
Queenoffashiondates : That was 8 days ago
Queenoffashiondates : Whos bday is it
Hind2098 : غيث اتاهند
Great Dog : Happy B-Day
Qween Uni : Coll
Shadowplays : How did you do dis its so kewl
Baby-fatoom : Love it
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Yall are great it my birthday!!!
FATIMAGreyBook : nise wow
نارمين : الي رسمة يعتبر عاشق التيك توك
cyber_ava : master piece
cyber_ava : happy birtday
prgarlic123 : Hi! you are amazing and how did you do that!!!!!!!!!!
The little farmer : Ooommmmggg
khalifa saeed 3/2 : ونت ىىىً تخاث
charisseHappyBike : This makers empier is one of the best I’ve seen!
Bellatrix Ella : Ella this is amazing my name is Ella
Sandrapuppy1234 : That is so cool i love it
QueenKamaniSlays : @MR (INSERT NAME HERE)[-] Hey And Happy Birthday
JamesSmartHat : Its cool
M@ri@n@ : It so beatiful
M@ri@n@ : Wow
shadowFunLog : You are the best!
shadowFunLog : I am a master
Tinkeralexsander : Omg I copy your design
GabGobGabGola : Great work
Jayla_pink_crayon : This is so cool it looks amazing
nge382084 : lol you got to 100 likes XD
Spacekid123 : So cool
no or3/B : nfhfkfh
cocofuncupSmartChair : haaaaa im in the school
Applekid : Some one tell me what xd means’\
pxx210 : cooool
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : It means like laughing
The little farmer : Wwoooww
The pink monster : Hi guys
Sandrapuppy1234 : That is really cool
Gre ninja : Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Nicole skyes : Omg that is sooo cool keep up the good wor
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Im am sorry you do not like this design and you being honest in a design is compelty fine comments are not always postive i hope you can find somthing you like by me
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : 466 to go
AudreyFastChair : Looks like it took a while
AudreyFastChair : Love it
Maxcraft : Natali pro
nge346830 : soooo beautiful
stum2012017475 : wowwowow
60024 : woooooooooooow
316164 : that is coooooool
Ihdyhr6jrjijhbhughtwdr#g : Wow its soooo colorful
The E 1234 : Yo i love this
FlordiaFedora : make roblox
1GreatSofa : Me!
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Its alright
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : I love fortnite
xXANGELXx : Hi guys hru u all?
Keepitlitgirl : I do but all the boys in my class think i am trash at fortnite
haninmohamed : hiiiiiiii love your design
^^StarGirl^^ : U got 100, Congrats!
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Im going to be one very shortly ill tell yall when
Farahappylog : My som tyms
Farahappylog : You bid it from my
www67 : hiiiii
xXANGELXx : OooooooooooooO
lukeGreenHat : Do oyu play fortniteb
ZayedFancyJet : Oooooooooo
lollipop9 : 😍😍😍😍
RachelUnicorn : WOW! Your talented
xXANGELXx : Loli Hi Hi hi
Rileysmartsock : Very cool
Nishal : Nishal
Dabsters123 : Cool! u should be a youtuber
Balnk101 : Cool
FUTURE architect : JK your designs are amazing
Madie_Tran : Wut
Black master : G8 job
Farahappylog : You bid it from my not far
xXANGELXx : Loli
xXANGELXx : Imaria
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : If we get to 1000 like i will put it free for a weak
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Lets get 1000 likes
Kenadi : Hi
Scarlettivy : Weow
Babycoconutwildgirl : Hello can isome liks pleaz?
Freddykrueger : I like it alot
Kenadi : Im skiny and pretty
Kenadi : How are u skiny and fat
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Yo now im famous at school thx to yall
cyber_ava : btw amazing painting
hamne444 : vip10 jjwjdbsu r. x f rhf d vleh .r .e vb4 vlr hfbfit. flub dbfmtt v nrfth rkcnr jdhfu rurjd7cn hdjw jfneic ricir 7hf83nfurjf c jx fir cir.c fucbf.f c f7rkck4jfmhr8rjycjxufhdicbrb yrjf7u44hururrb7
Crazy.k : Cool
Fawzia9 : how?
Farahappylog : You bid it from my :/
Love cute girl : How you did it ????
happy tolerance : cool good job😊😊🎺💜💜
21tacos : This is cool
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Keep buying please
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : 126 likes in 2 days
shahed a : l like it
Jennah : Yayaaa
PokemasterRedLake : Thats so cooooooool
Rodio : Hi im from kangaroo island and i do makers empire at school but i dont know how you can do that ummmmmm well bye cya
Aquamarie~~ : Ok I liked it alog time ago because I just liked it but yay for you!Also can you like my designs?
Jennah : I agree
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Half way to goal when we 100 lets get 1000
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : 41 likes in 2 days yall are amazing
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Yall are legends
MR (INSERT NAME HERE) : Yall are awesome
Odsty703 : Good job
ManMagicBook : Cool and nice
ManMagicBook : Cool and nice
ghkti8 : moah
Shaker heroFancyLog : Very goD nice