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Metal Sonic
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Metal Sonic

about 2 months ago

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Nuff 27 : Yay!!!!
malak15Hat : ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Oscarz : Oooooommmmmg
Oscarz : Cooool
Oscarz : Ohhh Omg
JiuL29 : Amazing!
Princess CamilaIsUnknown : me too! I love Blaze The Cat!:D Intresting Fact to tell you! do u know that blaze the cat is the most strongest sonic character ever! but she is not in games no more bc... she sacrificed for silver for silver bc he had no power that much so blaze had to sacrificed herself to save the whole world! thats sad and very nice and sweet of her!:) very proud of you blaze the cat<3
shahad_styles : kinda cool
ren the pirate devil : get it is free
Colin10 : camilals
RyderClever : Oh my god
KienME30 : @KienME35[-]
fkgyo5selg6m : cool
hamood2012026028 : hhhhahahahahahaha
Colin10 : unknown no one like your comment bot
Colin10 : princess
frost queenFancy : teach me Metal
frost queenFancy : cool sonic
SaeedBlue47 : كفو
SaeedBlue47 : كفو
princess jasmine ultimate power : it actully looks like a evil sonic but its so cool!
WGernella3P : Geez how long did it take to make all of that, it is really Cool
max-d : it looks so cool!!
304233 : Yes
ojp08 : you rock
Ariel the little mermaid : is that evil sonic
Mega beast : Thats so sick great job
anfaal12345 : u980
anfaal12345 : gkjd
mohamed hRed : wow
ab3413 : 050546575756
ZacFancy6 : Zacs
#ME123 : ME321
#ME123 : well it is ok i guess??
#ME123 : NICE
Cystene : Cool
Logans2020 : yeet
Hamza Osama : Wow
xX_ibrahim_xX : nice pro....
kaydencem : I love sonic
20190015143 : OoOoOoOoO
paulinardash : Mr Beast6000
Sans (Anthony) : Hi kevin
nono.n : scare
Logans2020 : yeet
couper...mander : Mr Beast is god!!!!!!!!!
Rameza2020 : cert
Wolfyxz : A
50417Quick : Ke
toothless246 : sonic died
cookie master : cookies
AdamGreat2 : This is good
MerinaWatersotheracc : Hello! purple prom queen outfit is on sale now :p
j2annie : ycfubvyrbchdbfybrfyyhfyhffyrbyrvbbvbvbbbbb bb jfghfvbb b bvffhf hhbnhg hbggngn nbhgjgjgbjjgjfksyt6 bhtjgy5uhghgvbv
totaly not tyson : sub to mr beast
Daisy lover : Cooooool
vscoemily : ????*
khalidPurple3Fun : scary aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
20190015407 : Good
ﺐﻠﻜﻟا ﺖﻨﺑ : استح علئ ويهههههههههك
RubybookFast : love it
ami Rodriguez : I loved
vxvGreat : i like
Abdullah5000 : ME TO
pro yah : i copy it and i cost 20 for this hahahaha!`!`!!~!~!~!
Rann : Wow it is amazing
goldenstorm : My brother wach it.
reaganmdash : thatnks for puting it for free
reaganmdash : love it
reaganmdash : that is amazing
reaganmdash : how did you make that
madeleinewdash : but cool
madeleinewdash : creepy
Colin10 : noice
cat1111 : cewced
madisonlacey : madison love funny too
Shanda : Wow
ugtfgyg : kljjk
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omar2020Chair : n' ;n[' b;[n gyh[jhnp;
malak15Hat : qwertyuiop[]`1234567890-
shahoodHappy : hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Savanah the quenn : Amazing
wizardboy2.0 : HOW? JUST HOW?
adeleBike : How do you do that
Hoor 43 : فجيبمولا
Hoor 43 : فهؤن
foxtall : ukdcsgh fjghUKawrng warghweasiowgasfb
qwert1234567 : GOOD
ales734 : THATS AMAZING HOW YOU DO DAT and the new movie just came out
Shreyansh das : That is so cool baby is so cool that you live it was very hard for you looks easy PESI lemon squeezy each like yeah he’s like yes you know not know like a block or legal some nice blue blah it’s like not the right hi love the pink lake what is it
Elizabeth koontz : I think it’s awesome! Sonic is my brothers favorite.
cat1111 : holw
6158 : it is nice
ami Rodriguez : it's so cool
Maker : Hi
sha.10 : wow!!!
Ice Warrer : WOW GREAT JOB!!! C:
Jayeleen12345678910 : Hey there
cat1111 : holw
cat1111 : dgt
arm32 : b;rt4 ,
Amelia potato : How? what? Umm ok.?
JackoCup : Nice dude
XavierFD3 : Cooool
jguiugiyuy : BV'-PB;U/
316442 : Haa
UMagicBike : Boo
Space-le : dats cool
Helloitzvang : How u do that
Helloitzvang : Mann