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9 months ago

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Nightwing45 : Learn how to spell bro its possesed
Nightwing45 : If u fell for that id be so suprised XD
Mimin kitty : It’s easy ö
Nightwing45 : *silently panicks* thinks: HOW DID HE FIGURE ME OUT DO I MAKE IT OBVOUS?!? Meh heh heh
Nightowl21 : Plus, that is not how you spell mim
Nightowl21 : Just follow me
Yeet my Feet : Mmmhm right eeeeeexactly
Nightwing45 : About that..... Hehe.....(O-O)
Mimin kitty : Frickin pazesed
Mimin kitty : Yert
Mimin kitty : Who
Nightowl21 : We r not weird!!!!!!
Nightowl21 : Hehe
Nightowl21 : You mean meeee?
Nightwing45 : Mim ill tell u next time i go to mogos house if ur there
Nightwing45 : Nightowl21 is name giver from wings
Nightwing45 : Well.... Ummm.... Heh heh...
Mimin kitty : Who the frickk is Nightowl45
Nightwing45 : And dont call me kiki thats Sammys thing
Nightwing45 : FRICKING WHO
Mimin kitty : Srry
Mimin kitty : Sam , jake? Who!!
Nightwing45 : Follow nightowl21
Mimin kitty : Here is my theory on who you like so you said you liked brett in 2nd and 3rd grade but I moved here in 3rd grade then in 4th grade me and you were in the same class but I was the only boy you talked to A lot and we hung out a lot so my theory is that you like mim . if i’m right just say true or false because this took way to long to type
Mimin kitty : Srry
Mimin kitty : Is this brett
Nightwing45 : Heres a hint on who i like i NEVER talk to him and never sit by him
Nightwing45 : Cool
Mimin kitty : I just got to florida
Mimin kitty : “Ki ki” I know who you like!