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red maze
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red maze

about 1 year ago
many have entered - none have emerged!

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Cool Crystal's Cave : You coped off of someone so I'm not going to like it only follow Is that ok with you Yes Or No?
ryacun : I can easely do this
ryacun : I agry
Blue fery gad mother : Your a good pllyer
noura hh : حلو بس كيف ندخلهه
brianna townsend : cool locking maze and a great chalengeing twist
NobleWizard : thanks !
RoseMagicHa : Me too!
dreams farry : i like it so much.
falaksCup : Wonderful. I like it.
rhiannach1 : what is this
younwoo : I LIKE YOUR MAZE!
OpFunSofa : Hi
Mimmie.Wintle-Hall : it is cool
alhossa : gamr
brianna townsend : i like it though
agrigor : Cool i watched the video of you making this maze
Archervirtanen : this is so good
noach1 : GHRTD
noach1 : T
noach1 : JUE57TGH
brianna townsend : cool maze
mwoos4 : ;
blak hard : gan no lashhhhhh aeoa antom mr ager kl zg
brianna townsend : to easy no offense
wejdan2030 : هاو
hour3-5 : حلو