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Purple Jetpack
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Purple Jetpack

about 1 year ago
It's a hyper-realistic jetpack - maybe even functional

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Mitchell Beaumont : Sick bruz
train.Poo : I absolutly love it! I made one just like it but it has people with green helmets.
SananSyed18 : wow
rain.Lulu : hi
magicmaster : Hi my name is magic master and you know you obviosly used the video but thats okay
Crazy_KID : Agreed
Crazy_KID : AYLA
perplexed tugboat : it's still super cool though
Kendra.brighton : How do you do that nobel wizard
jkolb : I wish it can fly.That would be cool!!!!
SananSyed18 : That looks realasistic too
iOSFusion640 : How do you have multiple differant eyes and ears on your character all at once???
iOSFusion640 : @NobleWizard[-]
NobleWizard : Yes, it's awesome!
HeroicAgent45 : Lots of hard work put in. Congrats, Master Maker!!!
Historicly accurate : Can you like mine
Jeremy cortes : That great ;)
NobleWizard : hello @Andrew.truck[-] look at this jetpack