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horse eating grass.
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horse eating grass.

5 months ago

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Nila.Amini : Old town road
zoeysdash : Nora it is the best. How did you make it. I don’t get why no one has said any thing about your lovely piece of art. It is 100% great. I have looked at the others ,and I like yours the best.
tinkle : Ummmmmmmmm it amazing great effort
GgFunCup : Nice one
Lilytheboxer : Wait its a horse
kelseywdash : Your horse looks cute eating grass
Ms Awesomeness : awesome drawing
evapdash : Nora they should of put you in first place
Izzy1144 : yaya. uh no. no cool. boo
zoeysdash : Thanks Nora for making it free, I will buy it in the reson on how great it is. Ok? Are you fine with that? Cause I am going to buy it.
160111 : Kimia
160111 : Kimia
AnneBdash : Its an amazing horse! Awesome!
FATIMA ALSHAMSI : ammaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
elisekdash : Nora your horse is so cool congradts on it.
norabdash : it is now free Big chungus 101... thans zoey and you 2 awsomeness... thanks alott...
Maaahad : Nice job
lilianhdash : Great work, Nora Congrats!!!! Love Lilian
norabdash : oh brandon!!!
norabdash : thanks zoey...
Brandon693 : Love it im gonna buy it ok its so cute
Big chungus 101 : Can you please lower the price i really want thhis pice but only have 5 coins