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king octo
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king octo

4 months ago
he wears his hat very happy because its a happy hat

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avrilb : wah is that from power puff girl thing
tinkle : Ummm ok but you know
22bmidddisneygirl : i love this so much it it cute and adorable
.+*Lucky*+. : Oh and anyway how can u paint in doodler?
RBWhoWho : Love it
Tph2009 : hello ubro
Tph2009 : hello ubro
Miriam happy face : Yep so adorable!!!!
KleptoCats : Agreed! Its like, OMG level adorable!!
0613104416 : king of the OCTO
RBWhoWho : Be my friend. Plz
RBWhoWho : Awesome!
RBWhoWho : Yayzees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
☆♡★ : Yeah how did you make it
michealplayz : i like it but is this a doodler if it is how did you paint it?
Miriam happy face : Omg I love it so much!!
zenab : Hi
Ljoseph : U bort it
zenab : Hi
Hannah Bug : np it was so cute i couldnt resist
michealplayz : and it is very nice but 10 tokens is alot maybe you should make a sale and put it down to 6 tokens
pencil.monkey : whatever you say dear.....
pencil.monkey : thank you :3
pencil.monkey : aww thank you so much!!!
gannah.a : cute
Gabby511 : So cool!!:)
RemyCoolLog : Nise
Maleah curtis : Awsome
Hannah Bug : i boght it!!!!!
shahed123 : lol
mayarhassan5e : i clicked on buy directly it is AMAZING
0613104416 : octo dad owns a happy hat
LilGreatPencil : Soooo cute.
LucasGreyTruck : I like it bro
Medha.madhura : Weard
Silly salmon : Cool
roses_UAE : i voted
:] : Cool
Crazy.k : Nice good
rkoontz : so cool omg so cool i wish i coud do that
Finnydocks37 : Plz vote for my hat too! Also I like ur hat.
KleptoCats : I know what your saying!
KleptoCats : OMG! SO ADORABLE!!!!
maddysoccer72 : thats so cute
Pyper T. : Im the goddd!!!!!!
Brooke Aungst : Aww! That little octopus is adorable. I love your design!
roses_UAE : but nice work
roses_UAE : it's easy
The cow king 100 : I mean cute
Lisa42 : 00 -
DogFancySofa60 : i love this it is so cute
Master dragon : King of octs
.*(*”._.”*)..[nub];-; : =O I LIKE ITTT ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
JodieWhittaker : EyyyyyYyyyyyyyy
Jackson H : OMG lit broooo!!!
Devil Darling : WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! :D See ya
Victoria yt xd :v : Omg it so beautiful :3!!!!!
#spider : So cute
MirandaCleverHat : Es increible me fasina te quedo genoal amigo
pencil.monkey : thanks
OH BOY : good