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Malala Yousafzai
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Malala Yousafzai

about 1 year ago
My design should win because it shows Malala holding a book that symbolises that girls can do enything.

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tinkle : Wow wow wow wow wow its amazing
Badgerkitten : Wow.
annathegreat : shes my HERO thankyou i love it
tinkle : Who run the world.................. girls
Sanjana.Chandramohan : This should win
Sorayya.J : muslim
Badgerkitten : I agree
Sparkle Night : Its amazing,!
joe123Fun : you tush
Sanjana.Chandramohan : I told ya it would win!
Pog.22 : Dident entend it to but thank you
Pog.22 : Thank you
Ovalemeraldstarfish : Thats rrrrreeeeAaaaaallllyyyyyyyvgood!
Amy.watson45 : wow! it looks like a russian doll!
Pog.22 : Thank you
Pog.22 : Thanks
Melissa.Gundran : Great job
Pog.22 : Thank you
Ellaminici : thats really good
Izzy1144 : wow, surely it's... what's the right word?... Interesting.
JessicaZhang : Amazing! Malala truly is a super woman!
dhruvv2019 : I agree, well done I can see why this is a winner
Lauren Claire : Agreed
Harrison H : great gob & ?????
Harrison H : well done
tinkle : This deffently deserved to win by the way my name is C8LIN
JeffMagicPencil : Hey i will win you are last
Sophia Sarood : You know she’s a real person, right?
tinkle : MjgdbtdhnThats mtjtb
Sophia Sarood : It’s beautiful! (Wish I could use an emoji.)
matilda smith : I suppose it does a little bit... but it is easy to see Malala your amazing design!
matilda smith : One of mine too! Good job, it should win!
Sophia Sarood : Correction it is definetly, you know.
Sophia Sarood : Did it win?
Sanjana.Chandramohan : Thats not nice sorraya!
130000mps : yas queeeeen