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by Maker
5 months ago
This is paris

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Livita : Wow!How did you make this?It’s really nice.
JoOdy7 : Its looks sooooo good how did you do that :)
ChristinePeriod : I wish i could go to paris but i can’t because my Parents can’t take me but I don’t care
Paris❥ : my name is paris
Cute kitten : I’v been to paris and it’s realy cool and i love this!
Cute kitten : I’v been to Paris it’s amazing
Prick : Thanks
sarax._ : wwowww
saramusfer : no it is amzing
Meerab1978 : Cool
Thor from the past : Try out my games
Gamer Cat : My name is paris too
demonBlueShoe : its beutifal
Super Cute Magical Arial : @meglasaur[-]
Super Cute Magical Arial : @meglasaur[-]
cuitgirl lol : wooooooow
hdFastTruck : @Maker[-]
ChristinePeriod : Period
Heaszall : Hi
Heaszall : OMG I wish I could go to Paris
BirdFastCup10 : Tchyvdr Gtfcvdegsgrderfgfytdhgfddrhgrcrcehytfc
Noodle cat48 : Wow
dumb_bunny : Oh yeah this is using shaper!!! I take that wow back. I can do a eiffel tower.
dumb_bunny : Wowowo. Is this using shaper?
Gabby jr : Il love pais to
# BLUE ICE : Is anyone on here that is in yr 6
AnupCleverHat101 : Wowowow
roro star : i love paris
Helene74 : I love paris
Sldldñddl : Huvbvdj
Dhabia cute : I love you'r paris
Prick : Hi vico
Harry Otter : wow the eiffel tower, SO interesting.
xxDarknessxx : Kkkkkk
Rainbow cutey : hi my name is Rainbowcutey and what is your name thank you and have a great time.
Asia love sweetshake : i love paris and my uncle's friend lives there i love paris
Gimnastic : I live in mexico see Hola yo me llamo vico
Gimnastic : I am vico
Gimnastic : Hellow
Alyssa Wishtail : I Lov it
alicorn amelia : talented
Gena Ml : Hello
SUITQN : not
Prick : Peace in the middle east
Gena Ml : Its nice
Gena Ml : Hello in this games
Gena Ml : Hi
Aryan kotwal : nice thing bro.
rofidaGreyJet : its amazing
Prick : Does anyone live in paris?
Ali2121 : Idh g g v vf cvc c
XD-Ryan : @meglasaur[-]
Aryan kotwal : hi I Aryan kotwal in this game.
Prick : Thank you
Bek.com : hi my name is Bek
Bek.com : J'ami ça Im actually Aussie but a speek freanch
Bek.com : 👍👌👋 hi
Bek.com : it is very nice
Prick : Hi
NaomiLover : Yea i love it
Prick : Do you like it
Prick : Can we get a few likes
Prick : Paris