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3 days ago
It took me 10 min to make this tokyo ghoul eye and thanks for nice comments!:) love ya all!

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Queen_OfAllDragons : Cool!:D
Queen_OfAllDragons : Thanks:)
Queen_OfAllDragons : Thanks:)
Agenor : Ccol
babyFun8 : nice
13th Doctor : Eyyyye of sauron
lolz pics : a little wierd but good
Scatter : I like to draw anime to
Princess CamilaIsUnknown2C : Thanks and u too:)
Princess CamilaIsUnknown2C : Nice and me too:)
Princess CamilaIsUnknown2C : But i dont watch it but i drawed it for fun:)
Princess CamilaIsUnknown2C : So cool!:D im good at drawing real eyes but kinda but i practice alot so my eye gets real drawed:) and im good at drawing anime:) and sonic characters and scary drawings:) like bendy:)
Scatter : Thats nice i like to draw and animate
Gouhl : Ik tokyo ghoul
Princess CamilaIsUnknown2C : Thanks!:) and im a artist too!:)
Princess CamilaIsUnknown2C : I use this acc to comment! But i have no time to respond them all! But ill say thank you for all nice comments!:)
Princess CamilaIsUnknown2C : Hi guys!:) Im Princess CamilaIsUnknown!:)
Lionfastbike143 : Wow i love it because it is blood
Scatter : I like the shading
arwa1121 : cool
ChickenFancy : Horror
Que41 : Wow i love it you put lots of effort into that
Harley.Nguyen : Very nice
Superman321 : Wow!
Jailbreak101 : OMG...FREAKY
KdldCool : Coooooooooooollll
saintsrowfan123 : cool!
Elimarie20123 : creepy cool !
TanuCool : Nice
kareem strongRed : coooooool
Harper crown : wow thats amazing
Gouhl : I cn lrt u buy it for free
Gouhl : I have a desighn of it
quesoph : 10 mins is a very short time
natnat unicorn : You are good at making stuff
Penny21 : Hi