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4 months ago
Ha And This Should Win To 2400

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Unicorn sweet girl : It is my birthday i am 10 years old i a half and my new name for makers empire is UNICORN Sweet GIRL
KAWAIIMarshmallow : What about us?!
emaly heart lake : were you nice kitty?
Bella dance girl red cup : Are u my bestie remember me!! QUEEN KAMANISLAYS
Sandrapuppy1234 : I was also talking to Queenkamanislays @LaurenCleverClots88[-]
LaurenCleverClots88 : I am @Sandrapuppy1234[-]
Unicorn sweet girl : Yes sure i do
HjFancySock : Do you have a phone on if you can please download a Safari Skksksks
Unicorn sweet girl : Yes u are Lauren!!
Sandrapuppy1234 : Are you not my bestie anymore either?
Jadenpro : You Talking about my mom
LaurenCleverClots88 : Am I your bestie anymore?