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over 1 year ago

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Shurui dog : Hi
Lionmanjetquick : aMAZEing!!!!
sammyboi12345 : Coool
Hjjhhu : Tekingi
DJfox360 : Its aMAZEing! Seriously, its really good :)
Ryan2r : :)
jasmine-stamp : this is a really good creation! how did you do it?
Jenny Donut : You should maybe try making something taller, then it might be more entertaining. Still, ya did better then I could have....right now.
Jenny Donut : Noice job
Rebecca Li : Thank you!
water.Hello! : Is this a maze?
Bothe : How can you make that
Honey Carmel : It is awesome
The maniac : I love this
Mia.Sun : Cool rainbow
BestBonnie!!! : it is very easy
MLGMansoup : How do make dis
Maker : Wow
MagicalMeows33 : OMGOSH its Fantastic!
grayBoat : relly relly rellly rrrrrreeeeellllllllllyyyy cooooooooooooollllllll
Luck.Toh : good job
pcamaker02 : Cool
pcamaker02 : Cool
Nuff 27 : Cool!!!!!!!
Lydia.liugreen : Looks cool!
pcamaker02 : Cool
Lollypoppins333 : cool amizing
korbinClever : woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
nevaehiskool : nice!
matilda smith : Cool! The gradient is GREATLY done!
Ash ketchum no 2 : Awesome
matilda smith : Terrible pun... : ) although i agree. Amazing!
matilda smith : Yes.
matilda smith : Oh... do you mean was it made on maze maker?
l278eenMagic : it toooo nice
DragonBolt64 : whoa