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A Trip To The Moon
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A Trip To The Moon

12 months ago
Because I tried to make it realistic

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Mal!! : LOVE IT!
LOVE-21 : first of all she was not Valeniana tereshkova was! you need to check
0088 : Yep
LunaGreat1 : Wow
AssassinBladeX : I think the hair is quite impressive. Lol
santi.sando22 : now what***
SBSASHY_hybird : love-21 is correct you better google to find the real answer sorry if you think your getting bullied but heres feedback for you
awesomekid3434 : She was the first self-funded woman to fly to the International Space Station.
DevilAlex : Girls have the right 2 do wat they want im a boy tho
ALREEM ASifStrong : my name is Alreem Asifstrong
natHat : i hate yo
UnicornClever6 : Okay i think your right
Kittygirl257 : NO IT’S NOT
Kittygirl257 : Why did you win because her hair!!!
UnicornClever6 : Is that true cool
RachelUnicorn : Is that true? I didn’t even know that the girl,there,is the first one to go to space??? AWESOME!!!
HepPurple : Vhgsxbhihdcsabhhewcdnhihwqdcbugqwgdncquwgidnicguqwd?
bloss : i like your character
Simber : Is that true
Unicorn_ : I like it
Ak47blueFast : Its awsome
lillyTruck : sooooooooo coooooool!
TyGreyTruck : Ok pople Games pop
Liamgamer50 : not cool
Ben man : Thats cool
xxRosie_the_gamerxx : first, LMAO. second, cool its not bad
MaverickSmart : GOOD JOB
Sweet Puppy Dingo : Your correct yes
Shinycat10 : Yep. You’re right
Saggy09 : I like the hair
summerkid : nice
summerkid : coool
TFUEFORTNITECOOL274 : i am from mexico
SBSASHY_hybird : not wanting to cyberbully you and I want to make sure makers empires kid friendly
SBSASHY_hybird : your correct
sonic boomJet : wooooooooooooooooow its amazing
Phantom고양이 : First WOMAN?! WOW, AWESOME!
Aboodua : And that rusian guy and the emarati the first emarati to the iss and i am from uae and the guy is from uae
HepLog : I can’t spell
HepLog : Exeatly
HepLog : Ya
HepLog : i desarge:(
MilleyPLZ : I learnt that in preschool
mimi pink : ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Anakin Skywalker Jedi : True But Yuri Gagarine is the first MAN to go to space NOT person
Aboodua : Yes its before yesterday
Aboodua : Yes he is right
PrimmyGreen : hey wats your name lets follow echother
LunarJet : Thats a big woooow !
Oliverrr : Wow
ClariVGG : She said WOMAN. Men are a different story.
awesomekid3434 : According to google
TyGreyTruck : Ok boy
leenmassouh : yes
leenmassouh : not cool
watwat2 : lol
bloss : true
AlmarySmartBook : Hi i am almary l like you
RamaGreatBike : waw its a very nice
watwat2 : lol
watwat2 : mine is a mad3 space ship
bloss : i like you
sarax._ : Nice ewww
cutie rainbow unicorn : can you pls buy something from me
Creemy coco : I will make you a moon and bird
Creemy coco : Neel anstrong was the first person to go to space
Saggy09 : First Woman
Saggy09 : Its ot true
watwat2 : po
Bella dance girl red cup : Do u want some of my money because i have got 68$. Tell me first and u have to make me a moon and a bird
nice kitty : it's the first woman
watwat2 : lol
watwat2 : llllllluuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkyyyyyyyy
Purrmaid : I could do better but i am a sculpter but cool fact :)
bloss : hello s s
bloss : my name in makers empire is bloss follow me please iam follow you
bloss : i am follow you hi my name is salama
bloss : yeeeeeeeees
bloss : yes its cool
Luna ice : Umm....... how did this win?...... though you did do sn excelent job! Brobably 10 times better then mine
bloss : hi and iam salama
JjkBlueJet : Qiikjk
PerfectPixie : Im following you!!!
PerfectPixie : i agree...anyone could do that!!!
noormoayad5e : wow you did nothing