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A Trip To The Moon
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A Trip To The Moon

by S S
about 1 month ago
Because I tried to make it realistic

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Bella dance girl red cup : Do u want some of my money because i have got 68$. Tell me first and u have to make me a moon and a bird
Liamgamer50 : not cool
bloss : i like your character
watwat2 : lol
watwat2 : po
cutie rainbow unicorn : can you pls buy something from me
nice kitty : it's the first woman
RachelUnicorn : Is that true? I didn’t even know that the girl,there,is the first one to go to space??? AWESOME!!!
watwat2 : lol
watwat2 : lol
watwat2 : mine is a mad3 space ship
watwat2 : llllllluuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkyyyyyyyy
RamaGreatBike : waw its a very nice
Purrmaid : I could do better but i am a sculpter but cool fact :)
bloss : i like you
bloss : hello s s
bloss : my name in makers empire is bloss follow me please iam follow you
bloss : i am follow you hi my name is salama
AlmarySmartBook : Hi i am almary l like you
bloss : yeeeeeeeees
bloss : yes its cool
Luna ice : Umm....... how did this win?...... though you did do sn excelent job! Brobably 10 times better then mine
bloss : hi and iam salama
bloss : true
JjkBlueJet : Qiikjk
PerfectPixie : Im following you!!!
PerfectPixie : i agree...anyone could do that!!!
noormoayad5e : wow you did nothing