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assassins creed(Ezio Alditorium)
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assassins creed(Ezio Alditorium)

8 days ago
assassins creed is a game based on killing for justice and for civil rights against the templars

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Queen_OfAllDragons : I like ur assassin @saintsrowfan123[-] :)
Queen_OfAllDragons : Hi @saintsrowfan123[-] :) im @PrincessCamilaIsUnknown [-]but im now @Queen_OfAllDragons[-] bc my @PrincessCamilaIsUnknown [-] Account dont work so im using this account but can u follow me please?:) cuz i follow you:)
WilliamStrong5 : Cool!
pro2029 : I like it
pro2029 : I want assassins creed
pro2029 : please I want it. it’s so cool I have the suit at home
KdldCool : No it bad it has tiny armes
Black Belt : Hi blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah papa
HiPencil57 : Babe
HiPencil57 : I love you
Princess CamilaIsUnknown2C : Dont be mean or judge it the assassin looks cool
VikingPrincessJazmine : Ooh i like this, i really like viking times or kingdom times, also assasins creed, i love it!
Princess CamilaIsUnknown2C : Thats very Awesome!:) like how u get parts of these!:)
saintsrowfan123 : ok thank you
OMGOlivia : Look like ninga srry if am judging
Hbombing legend1213 : Awesme man
VikingPrincessJazmine : You just click on my picture you see of me, my profile should pop up ^.^
saintsrowfan123 : thanks
saintsrowfan123 : thanks
saintsrowfan123 : thank you
saintsrowfan123 : i wnat to follow u but i do not know how will u tell me?
saintsrowfan123 : thanks!
Spoiderman : this is cool!
Superman321 : So cool!
lolz pics : it looks great
Buya467 : not bad it looks good but has tiny arms i cant do better
saintsrowfan123 : someone will ypu please comment
saintsrowfan123 : thanks
Kireina : nice