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9 months ago

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sarax._ : I will never be your friend
sarax._ : not u Bella dance girl red cup
sarax._ : ok but pls dont be rude
sarax._ : look I know from the start that u are lying at me bening your B.F.F
sarax._ : Hi lenay can u give bella dance girl red cp a1 chance
Bella dance girl red cup : Thanks so much beutifull lady sarah
sarax._ : surree
Alex neko : Im not a lyer but pls search
Alex neko : Im a really gacha tuber search this : softword gacha life that is me that is my channel of youtube
Alex neko : I think that @Bella dance girl red cup[-] is a lyer about the clothes and that things
Alex neko : Hello @sarax._[-] can you be in my team if you want?